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Happy Birthday, Dad

Happy Birthday, Dad
Born January 25, 1947, my father would have been 68 today. Time is definitely relative, as it seems entirely young to die in your early 70s at this point, when growing up, dying in your 70s seemed perfectly right and normal. A lot of that has to do with advancements in modern medicine and technology... Read more »

The State of the Union

Dad. You didn’t watch thisĀ¹ tonight. You didn’t listen to Chris Matthews and The Rachel Maddow Show and whoever else is on MSNBC. You didn’t listen to the endless chatter and patter and clatter that is the 24 hour news cycle, driving me crazy. At least the blessing was at least you listened to the... Read more »

Lucky Thirteen

Saturday, January 12, 2002. The previous night wasn’t really interesting or spectacular in the history of my drinking and drug use; in fact, there was no drug use at all. Insofar as drunk went, I wouldn’t have ranked it in the top 500. It was just a night out, a pleasant buzz. But in the... Read more »