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No Indictment. No Justice For Michael Brown. No Words.

I am so angry. Sad. No, furious. I thought maybe, maybe they would at least let this go to trial. But after the first ten words out of the prosecutor’s mouth (Was he? He sounded like a defense lawyer for Darren Wilson, honestly.) I knew. No. This wasn’t going to go the right way. And... Read more »

The Sacraments Of Democracy

It’s been a minute since I was doing the organized religion thing, but as I understand it, the sacraments of any religion are the MUST dos. I was raised Lutheran, so we only had two. Baptism and Communion.ยน They’re the things that God told us to do — the visible/tangible manifestations of him on earth.... Read more »

Weekend Roundup

I have an hour to get a post in for today. This one’s really going to be a phoner. Nik Wallenda. I didn’t watch it. I watched people watching it. I followed Twitter. I don’t know. I’m glad my Spidey sense about it going badly was terribly wrong. I certainly didn’t want anything bad to... Read more »

The Dead And Dreaming

Introductory sidebar parts one and two (to spare you the footnotes, since there’s already a video and lyrics at the bottom): 1: I didn’t really want to write a blog post today, already headed toward fucking up “blog every day in November,” and I had started a post when I got home from work last... Read more »

It's The Day Of The Dead And That Includes Me

November 1st. Day of the Dead. Isn’t that quaint? I don’t know what to do, you guys. I honestly don’t know what to do. I’m blogging in the attempt to maybe get on that blog a day in November shit, but honestly even when I’m in a good space I can’t ever seem to follow... Read more »