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The Story Of Josh Marks: When Reality TV Gets Too Real

A friend posted a link to Chicago Magazine’s article “The Voices in Josh Marks’ Head” on Facebook a few days ago. I was going to write something here at the time that he killed himself, but reading this helps me get my mind around it a little more. Kind of. Honestly, at some point, reading... Read more »

10 Things I Think Would Be Cooler Than Getting A George Lucas Museum In Chicago

So. Star Wars. George Lucas. Pretty huge part of pop culture and the American movie landscape. Archetypes abound. Special effects. The advent of movie marketing and action figures and tie-ins. Darth and Stormtroopers and Luke and Han and Leia and C3PO and R2D2 and the Ewoks. Lightsabers and plot twists and the Death Star. So... Read more »

Gone Too Soon: Jim Ellison

I saw a post on someone’s Facebook Saturday that, due to Facebook’s fucked up algorithms, reminded me that Friday was 18 years to the day that Jim Ellison committed suicide by carbon monoxide poisoning. I started the post on Saturday, so if I had written it then, it would have been more timely, I suppose.... Read more »

Q&A with a ChicagoNow blogger: Jenna Karvunidis of High Gloss and Sauce

Today, across the ChicagoNow sphere, we are sitting down with one another to dish. I had the privilege to send Jenna Karvunidis of High Gloss and Sauce a bunch of the questions that rattle around in my head. And she was kind enough to answer them. Let’s take a walk down interview lane, shall we? An Unquiet... Read more »

The Obligatory Cancer Post*

*Alternate Titles For This Post: I Had To Add A New Category For This My New Cancer-y Blog Oh For Fuck’s Sake No One Cares About Your Cancer       I should be packing my apartment; my lease is up at the end of the month and time is ticking. But, I need to... Read more »