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#YesAllWomen Vs. The Mental Illness Issue

I’m supposed to be packing; my movers come tomorrow and there’s SO much left to be done. But packing in solitude means that I have plenty of time to think, and while I normally have random ideas and blog posts writing themselves in my head on the reg, I just have to actually sit down... Read more »

My Friends Are Amazing.* To Wit: Bacon.

I have always had friends who: Are extremely intelligent. Are extremely funny. Can be extremely caustic/sarcastic. Can push the boundaries of humor to really crazy, taboo, dark places.  Love to discuss, debate, push buttons, and argue. Will talk through the finer points (and not-so-finer points) of a topic until most other people would be completely... Read more »

Letters To A New Mom: Show Me The Love

ChicagoNow bloggers are writing posts today giving advice to new moms ahead/in celebration of this upcoming Mother’s Day. I do not have kids. I have never wanted kids. I knew this by the time I was 12. When people told me “you’ll change your mind,” I would be filled with an electric rage at the... Read more »

Let's Talk Leggings!!

Since I’ve been a little M.I.A., I sort of missed that whole legging/yoga pant blow-up. It’s happening all over, but if you missed the memo, here in Chicago/land, the buzz has been all about Haven Middle School in Evanston banning girls from wearing leggings and yoga pants — because it would be distracting to the... Read more »

Talk About Going Crazy

Ever since I have lived in my apartment here in Rogers Park, a curious thing has happened on the reg. I live on the second floor, and from my bedroom, I will hear one of two things that transport me to another time and place — primarily another time — either a dial tone from... Read more »

Billy Joel or Christie Brinkley -- Who Is The Crazy One?

This is a somewhat misleading headline, but let’s walk down this rabbit hole, shall we? For fear that I would derail an innocent thread on Jimmy Greenfield’s Facebook wall the other day, I thought I’d come and just explore my train of thought here, instead of turning the question of whether or not Billy Joel... Read more »

Mental Health Awareness Month In The Month Of Yam*

So they tell me it’s Mental Health Awareness Month. I guess last month was Alcohol Awareness Month. Ooookkkkkkaaaay. So, this blog is supposed to be me, advocating for people who suffer from or struggle with mental illness and addiction issues. This should be RIIIIGHT up my alley, yeah? I don’t know. First of all, I’ve... Read more »