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Dear G: I'm Terrified For You

This is written in conjunction with my fellow bloggers at Chicago Now, who are all ruminating on blog posts written in the span of an hour’s time (9 p.m. – 10 p.m.) on the topic of giving “advice to a person, place or thing.” The funny thing is, I’m psychic. I have always had intuitions... Read more »

Why Depression Is Such A Thief

So. This is a blog about mental illness. I started to write it because I wanted to scrape away some of the stigma about mental illness and show what it was like to live with manic-depression. The only thing is, I live with manic-depression. And I forget that sometimes, I am not always this picture... Read more »

Never Forget: Why 9/11/2001 Is Unforgettable For Me

“Never Forget.” I’ll say right out of the gate, this post might not be what you’re hoping for. Even on that fateful day, I was not in the same headspace as the rest of America. I was coming off the worst summer of my life (thus far), and couldn’t see why people were freaking the... Read more »

Real Talk: How Long Do I Have To Wait Before I Talk To Someone About Their Wheelchair?

So, I have a new psychiatrist. I saw him for the first time last month. So far, so pretty good. I broke away from the low-income scenario at the place I’d been for the past three years or so and used money from my new(ish) health savings account to actually get a personal psychiatrist. I... Read more »

Post Secret and National Suicide Prevention Week

I’ve been reading Post Secret¬†since it came out. And every Sunday (sometimes late Saturday night, in my world), I click over there and scroll down the list of new postcard secrets that have been sent to Frank [Warren] and selected for inclusion in that week’s blog. For the uninitiated, Post Secret is a compilation of... Read more »

More Non-Memories of Matt Ryd

“The Lowering,” Avett Brothers in 2005 After I saw them in 2010, I have been an obsessive fan of The Avett Brothers. I listened to every song on every album on repeat all day every day. I was (and am) irreparably hooked. I have no regrets. However, I do a funny thing with music. While... Read more »

So Who The Hell is Vodka Samm?

You learn new things every day. ¬†Some are interesting, like the fact that mini turtles carry salmonella. Some of them are cool, like a bunch of cool clitoris facts. And some of them are concurrently disturbing and irritating and mindblowing. Like the fact that a person named Vodka Samm exists. (1) (2) Honestly, I only... Read more »

Ariel Castro Killed Himself And I'm Not Happy

This wasn’t the post I thought would be leading off the day today. Instead, I wrote this uplifting post about how your kids might end up alcoholics despite your best efforts, in response to a post about one woman’s hope to keep her daughters from turning out like Vodka Samm. But by the end of... Read more »