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Finding Unexpected Art at the Chicago Botanic Garden.

Finding Unexpected Art at the Chicago Botanic Garden.
On the days when I volunteer at the Chicago Botanic Garden, I usually post a photo on Facebook  “Today at The Chicago Botanic Garden .”  So I always have my phone along with my pruners and garden gloves and take three times more pictures than I can possible use. Unexpected art surprises, delights and enlightens.  ... Read more »

A Giant Spider is Unexpected Art at Crystal Bridges

The Giant Spider that Lives at Crystal Bridges My husband and I are having an ongoing discussion unexpected art.  He maintains that art in a museum can’t be unexpected art because people expect to see art in art museums.  I think that unexpected art can be found anywhere, including in art museums. I see unexpected art... Read more »

An Ordinary egg Becomes Unexpected Art

Is an egg a work of art?  If you think about it, probably yes.  But with a few modifications, an ordinary egg can become unexpected art. Both my mother and grandmother made pysanky, Ukrainian Easter eggs.  Every spring they worked day after writing these eggs–most of them to sell as their church’s Easter Egg sale,... Read more »

Unexpected Art outside the Art Institute of Chicago

A Michigan Ave Collage appears outside the Modern Wing of the Art Institute of Chicago Sitting in Terzo Piano, the restaurant on the third floor of the Chicago Art Institute’s Modern Wing,  I turned to the window and this view caught my eye.  I came to see the art in the museum, but I didn’t... Read more »

Unexpected Art Discovered While Walking my Dog

Finding Works by a world famous artist on a walk. I noticed a War Memorial when I was walking my dog to Kenilworth beach so I decided to take a closer look. A bronze plaque mounted on a pink granite boulder, located at the back of a park next to the village hall on Kenilworth... Read more »

An Unexpected Mural on Howard Street brings back the 1970's

1621 W. Howard Street, Chicago IL in Rogers Park, formerly the Howard Theater, now affordable rental apartments Mural on the back of the old Howard Theater Building, visible from the Howard El platform The Howard Theater was built opened in 1917 and showed feature  films until November 1975. It closed when a chandelier fell into... Read more »