A flower stall in Copenhagen, June 2010.  Pink peonies for sale, spilling out from the shop onto the street.

This is one of my favorite pieces of unexpected art.  I found this small flower stall  in Copenhagen while I was on a cruise.    I love the color, the way the flowers are displayed, the way all the parts work together to make a pleasing image.  It is so simple, and so beautiful.

Art is very important in my life.  I started drawing very young,  my mother encouraged this and sent me for art lessons. She took me to see the works of  the great artists at the Art Institute. She also introduced me to unexpected art.

One day , when we were visiting my grandparents farm, she asked me to walk over to the barn. It was an old red New England Dairy Barn,  with a loft full of hay.  She pointed to the hay, and explained why she found it so beautiful,  pointing out the muted greens and yellows, the different textures of the grasses, the way the hay, so randomly stacked, looked so harmonious.

Eventually I appreciated how she taught me to look at things and see the art in them.  Over the years I took pictures of unexpected art, a beautiful landscape. a deep blue sky, a cityscape, a tree with interesting bark, architectural details on a building.  I want to share my love of unexpected art with you, my readers.