Unexpected (Sewer) Art in Little Rock--not just manhole covers.

Last Sunday I went to a farmers’ market in SOMA, a neighborhood in Little Rock.   The market was small by Chicago standards, about 10 vendors selling fruit, vegetables, honey and jewelry.  The location was in a  interesting small sculpture park called  Bernice Garden.  The unexpected art was on the street.  Little Rock has a sewer beautification project, and there are painted sewers sprinkled in many neighborhoods.

fullsizeoutput_432dfullsizeoutput_432cA collection of fishy characters that have a historical look.








The sewer paintings were designed and painted by students.  All of the say “Drains to Fourche Creek.  All  the paintings have a water theme, some are signed and dated by the artists.

fullsizeoutput_432eimg_0492A big red clam and some blue fish







img_0484img_0485A swordfish is featured here.







fullsizeoutput_4329I love that this painting integrates a manhole cover into its design.

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