Traditions-Memorial Day Weekend

I was raised in a household of veterans, spanning multiple generations, every branch of service, and many fields of combat. Memorial Day was always a day for traveling to the cemeteries, cleaning up the grave sites, and placing the flags for all of those who had passed. I can remember the history of my country... Read more »

Its a Real Person on the Other End of the Line.....

As a society, we have become rude, insensitive, uncaring, self absorbed, and self serving, and I am not referring to the large social justice issues. It begins with how we deal with one another in everyday interactions. I am pretty sure we all get exasperated with the automated answering systems at many businesses. Press this,... Read more »

Dear Politicians: An Appeal from John Q Public

Let’s change things up, the election is over, and it is time for the government to actually work for the American people, earn their salary and benefits, justify their existence at the expense of taxpayers. Let’s do something really radical. Instead of having politicians, candidates, incumbents, the media, as well as the spin doctors tell... Read more »

ACA Success Part II

Our Democratic candidate for President was recently quoted as stating that health care costs are as low as they have been in fifty years. Obviously, the candidate has not been to the dentist recently. Back to school is the time when most of us parents are trooping to the dentist office for that 6 month... Read more »

Tribute to My Big Boy

It is so hard to say Good Bye, particularly when you, as the responsible, caring owner, have to make the judgement call to have your companion and buddy put to sleep. After many happy and crazy years, we recently had to send our beloved Baldric over the Rainbow Bridge. I am supremely grateful for the... Read more »

A Front Row Report on the "Success" of ACA (Obamacare)

Many folks have already discovered that the ACA is not the great solution to healthcare woes in America. Usually, this revelation comes when there is a medical emergency that requires attention. Where we used to call doctor’s offices, clinics, and hospitals to see if our insurance was welcome, now when you call those facilities, they... Read more »

So Much Noise!

Once again, there is a hue and cry surrounding the tragedy in Orlando. Before we truly knew how many people were injured, traumatized, or even killed, the incident was already being used as justification to bolster all causes. Pro-gun, anti-gun, hate crimes, terrorism….go ahead, pick a topic, any topic. People were shouting from the rafters... Read more »

Judgement: What's in Your Wallet?

Profiling… isn’t just a racial thing any longer. I don’t think that anyone stops to realize that any assumptions made without hard evidence would constitute profiling. Profiling is another word for stereotyping and involves a limited amount of actual data from which all manner of things are inferred. Perhaps if we all stopped jumping to... Read more »

Without a Whimper

Another holiday season is past, and we all hunker down for the vicious (maybe) jokes of Mother Nature. It is January, and hibernation time. The focus is on watching football contests in warmer climates and sunny stadiums. It is a great excuse to make and eat vast quantities of chili and chips. What is truly... Read more »

Thanksgiving: Lost in the Shuffle

Thanksgiving, surrounded by Halloween, and sandwiched in before Christmas, appears to have lost all traction in the holiday sweepstakes. I can remember Thanksgiving being special for family gatherings that simply were not possible with the precocious unpredictability of weather at Christmas. Yes, there were Thanksgivings with snow, but it was not of the epic and... Read more »