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Veterans New Year

Veterans New Year
Another New Year but nothing is new and what is there to look forward to? What in this new year is going to make the past any better? What will tomorrow do to change yesterday? Don’t tell me to look at tomorrow with hope or optimism or tell me to just keep going because it... Read more »

22 Veteran Suicides A Day

22 veterans and active duty service members die by suicide a day, a statistic with which we’ve become familiar. But, it is a lie. That appalling and horrifying number represents only those officially counted by the Department of Defense and the Veterans Administration. The truth is, no one knows how many of our service men... Read more »

Daring to Write about Post Traumatic Stress

Nearly two years ago, I began seriously researching Post Traumatic Stress. Since then, I have wanted to write about my findings and my thoughts on my findings. I have, but there was so much more to say, so many different facets to this complex issue. What follows are the results of my research, literally hundreds... Read more »