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PTSD, Suicide and Other Myths About Veterans

Myths exist, historically, to instruct and explain. Back when most people were illiterate, and even before the written word, myths were a society’s way of understanding things that were scary, things we in the enlightened age know to be natural phenomenon. The most important myths were those that comforted the masses, helping them to feel... Read more »

Mefloquine and Chemical Causes of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Mefloquine toxicity and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder have the same psychological symptoms. In this series, until now, we have been looking at war as the cause of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. For clarity, let’s look at the clinical definition according to the DSM V – “Diagnostic criteria for PTSD include a history of exposure to... Read more »

Military Recruiting the Best of the Best

“The Best of the Best of the Best” is a line from one of the funnier scenes in the original “Men In Black” movie with Will Smith. Shortly after, another classic one-liner is delivered by “Zed”, “You’re everything we’ve come to expect from years of government training”. I really like that movie, but really hate... Read more »

The We Us and Them of the Warrior Culture

Recently, I came across a post, actually a rant by someone who is well recognized in the veteran community, Boone Cutler. He is a combat veteran, author and host of a radio show out of Reno, Nevada.  You can listen on the web by clicking on for the links to days and times of... Read more »

Mother's Day for Once A Moms

Mother's Day for Once A Moms
Mother’s Day is almost here and already I can hardly breathe. It feels like my chest is literally caving in and if I didn’t know better, I’d think it was a heart attack. But I do know better as I’ve become all too familiar with this feeling. It’s just what a truly, irreparably, permanently, broken... Read more »

Former SEALs on Maersk Alabama Cause of Death

The AP headline, “Respiratory Failure Named In Deaths Of 2 SEALS” definitely caught my attention. Before my browser could open the story, I was wondering…Respiratory failure? Is that some sort of euphemism for strangulation? Were they somehow gassed? Poisoned? Drugged? Then, I read the article. Which lead me to this one, filed four days earlier... Read more »

Soldier Suicide There is Hope

22 a day. Some say that number is much higher, over 100 a day when all veterans are included. Even 1 a day is too many. It is an issue that everyone seems to know about, but no one really knows what to do. For too many a soldier survived life in a war zone,... Read more »

Gold Star Mothers Address Wisconsin National Guard (Dis) Honor Guard

Yesterday, a story aired on TV in Milwaukee, Wisconsin about National Guardsman Teresa Harrison’s photos going viral on Facebook and the internet. In short, this soldier posted a selfie with the comment “It’s so damn cold…WHY have a funeral outside!? Somebody’s getting a jacked up flag…” A second photo was also posted, and of the... Read more »

Super Bowl Commercial Gets Gold Star Pin

Super Bowl commercials generate as much excitement for some as the game itself. For those whose hometown teams are in this ultimate contest of America’s most popular sport, the breaks in action are time to run and answer nature’s call, grab the next course in the snack lineup or another beverage. For many others, they’d... Read more »

DoD Cuts Imminent Danger Pay

Last week, the Department of Defense updated which areas of the world qualify for Imminent Danger Pay. I agree with this decision and think it supports our troops in harm’s way. Sounds counter-intuitive to support cutting a portion of the pay of deployed troops, but as with most things, there is more to all this... Read more »