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To a WWll veteran: You're dead wrong our current wars are "real wars"

There has been a lot of talk about why current veterans aren’t more involved in the venerable institutions of the VFW and American Legion.  The VFW National Commander recently released a very sharp missive addressing this issue. In it, Commander John W. Stroud calls on all members at all levels to help change the image... Read more »

Private Grief vs Public Grief

Private Grief vs Public Grief
Of all the issues, challenges and horrors being a Gold Star Mother entails, the one I wish someone had warned me about is how to deal with casual acquaintances from the past. In one of the many Gold Star groups to which I belong, someone posed a question about how to deal with those inevitable... Read more »

One Perfect Day-A Conversation With Andrew

One Perfect Day-A Conversation With Andrew
Once again, ChicagoNow is holding a “Blogapalooza”. We are given a topic and one hour in which to write. This month’s assignment was, “Write what your perfect day would be like, either in reality or fantasy”.   My perfect day would be bright and clear, with a warm sun but the temperature wouldn’t matter. If... Read more »

CDC is Lying About Ebola

At least, I hope they are. The alternative is they are clueless, and that is a much scarier proposition. Perhaps lying is too strong a word. Perhaps ‘hedging their bets’ is more appropriate. However you term it, What is known about the facts and dangers is still evolving. Listen carefully to even the most reassuring... Read more »

The Stolen Valor Epidemic and Why Civilians Should Care

The Stolen Valor Law of 2013 makes it a Federal offense punishable by fines and imprisonment to falsely claim military honors or awards to affect personal, tangible gain. Additional charges, local, state and Federal may also apply. For the full text of the law, go here. This issue is not about Freedom of Speech and... Read more »

PTSD, Suicide and Other Myths About Veterans

Myths exist, historically, to instruct and explain. Back when most people were illiterate, and even before the written word, myths were a society’s way of understanding things that were scary, things we in the enlightened age know to be natural phenomenon. The most important myths were those that comforted the masses, helping them to feel... Read more »

No More Killed In Action explained

I’ve taken a lot of flak for my post, No More Killed In Action #NoMoreKIAs, from August. Several of those for whom I have the deepest respect for their service to our country told me they feel almost betrayed. They remind me that risking their lives is part of the package, a risk they willingly... Read more »

Where Did I Go?

It has been six weeks exactly since my last post. I’ve gotten some really nice notes checking to see if I’m okay, and a few asking where my commitment went. Some of the later aren’t referring to my silence, but I’ll get back to that. Others have attempted to commiserate along the lines of, ‘It... Read more »

22 Veteran Suicides A Day

22 veterans and active duty service members die by suicide a day, a statistic with which we’ve become familiar. But, it is a lie. That appalling and horrifying number represents only those officially counted by the Department of Defense and the Veterans Administration. The truth is, no one knows how many of our service men... Read more »

No More Killed In Action, #NoMoreKIAs

No More KIAs means no boots on the ground in Iraq in response to the beheading of James Foley. For that matter, in response to anything that is not a direct attack on us. By on us, I mean on US soil. I am a member of a very exclusive club and it is our... Read more »