When looking at nearly any topic or headline, I tend to view it through the lens of "What would this mean to our military, veterans and Gold Stars? How would this affect the .45% of the population that believe in this country so much they are willing to risk laying down their lives in it's defense? How would this impact the families of The Fallen?"

I don't like labels or parties, particularly in today's divisive climate. I generally believe in the ideals of a smaller, less powerful national government but socially I am quite liberal. If you insist on giving me a label, call me a Progressive Republican.

I respect everyone's right to choose, think, feel, believe, speak and act as they wish, as long as they are not infringing on someone else's right to do the same. Personal freedom ends at the tip of your nose. What drips out of that orifice is of vital importance to you, but is potentially offensive to everyone else.

Living in this country and society, a wholly unique place and time in history, means we are obligated to protect our rights by being personally responsible. What we do, how we act and where we go from here as a nation and as a people is up to us.

Finally, you are either part of the problems of this world or part of the solutions. Choose wisely, but always remember, you are responsible for your choices.

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