The media is going wild because Trump seemingly just put the nail in his own coffin by asking if the November election should be delayed because of the potential for voter fraud due to mail-in voting. Check out some of these headlines and article openers –

Down in Polls, Trump Floats Delaying Election, Which He Cannot Do  “Trailing badly in the polls…” – New York Times

Trump Floats Delaying Election Despite Lack of Authority To Do So “President Donald Trump explicitly floated delaying November’s presidential election on Thursday, lending extraordinary voice to persistent concerns that he would seek to circumvent voting in a contest where he currently trails his opponent by double digits.”– CNN

How Trump Could Subvert the Election “Despite fears, the president likely won’t be able to cling to power in defiance of the results.” -Brennan Center for Justice

Can Trump Delay the 2020 Election? Here’s What the Constitution Says “If the president’s lawyers gin up an argument that he can, we will be witness to authoritarianism in its defining form.” – Bloomberg

Every time he says something particularly outrageous, my first thought used to be, “here he goes again”. It always baffled me, how someone who was so successful in the business world could be so…undisciplined.

Then I started paying attention.

Trump is a master chess player who understands the long game better than his opponents. Trump makes what appears to be a brash, ill-considered move out front, knowing his opponents will take the bait. While they’re busy celebrating taking his piece and mocking his intelligence, he is setting up checkmate.

Trump – and many – believe he will win, and that it will be a massive victory.  Every one of the above articles state as categorical fact that Biden is way ahead in the polls, inferring the election is a foregone conclusion in favor of the Democrats. These are the same polls that predicted the same result – Trump losing – in 2016.

The Democrats and pundits are still trying to figure that one out. The answer too many have come to is that Trump supporters are “A basket of deplorables”. You know, racists, homophobes, misogynists, xenophobes, anti-Muslim, anti-abortion, anti- fill in the blank.

Trump was elected in 2016, or rather Hillary was defeated, by the “Silent Majority” that occupy 95% of the Nation’s landmass that was Red after the last election. Trump – and many – believe the “Silent Majority” is more silent now than ever, and more are daily, quietly joining their ranks. Because many believe that even more so than in 2016 people are afraid to say they will vote for Trump, or rather, against the Democrat.

The rhetoric leveled against Trump supporters in 2016 has morphed into our current cancel culture where even the suggestion the above characterizations are unfair or inaccurate is tantamount to a confession of holding those beliefs. Many feel that attempting to have a conversation about what those accusations even mean is like being forced to answer, “Yes or no, have you stopped beating your wife?”.

People have lost their jobs, are blocked from social media, have been verbally – and in more and more cities – physically attacked for daring to disagree with the woke, the self-righteous, or the social justice warriors. Have a Trump sticker on your car? Don’t be surprised when your car is scratched, the windows are smashed, it’s spray-painted with slurs.

Have an American flag in front of your house? You’re warned to take it down so you don’t become a target. This happened to me and was recommended out of genuine concern for my safety. Of course I responded with not just no, but with a heartfelt Hell No!

Drive down the street with Gold Star license plates? Be prepared to get screamed at and harassed by those who think your plates have something to do with the police. Yep, this has happened to me and to many Gold Stars I know across the country. More than one Gold Star has chosen not to drive their vehicle into Chicago or other cities.

I don’t know of a single Gold Star family member who does not proudly state their loved one died for the free and full expression of rights – including the right to protest – enshrined in our Constitution. In several of these instances, the Gold Star family member innocently tooling down the road was an ardent supporter of the cause they’re being attacked over. “Was” being the keyword in that sentence.

In other words, if someone even thinks you might not be all in with the accepted narrative, it is their right to make your life difficult, unpleasant or even destroy you in any way they can. How many elected officials, and self-appointed leaders of the various protests have proudly, unashamedly exhorted their followers to harass anyone they perceive as possibly holding a different opinion?

Chase them out of restaurants, grocery stores, anywhere and anytime you see them in public. Make them pay for supporting this President, make them uncomfortable enough to change their support”. That, by the way, is a direct quote from an elected Democrat that has been repeated, albeit paraphrased with a lot of profanity, by many self-appointed leaders of the social justice movements. Go ahead and try to find it. I’ll give you a hint…it was buried on the fifteenth page of an internet search engine. Two other search engines failed to find it at all.

It has become dangerous to question the socially accepted narratives…dangerous for your job, your family, your home. The viciousness of the attacks on anyone who doesn’t say the right thing and say it in the right way is staggering and horrifying. Trump knows this. The Left knows this as well. After all, that is their point. Vilify, harass, demean, browbeat, attack until you either accept their righteousness or at least accept the inevitability of their win, long before the vote can be counted.

There really is no counter to this strategy. Trump knows this, too. So, he is playing a different game while pretending to play theirs. He moves a piece, making what appears to be a really dumb move. They take the bait and too late realize he just put them in check.

What Trump has done is guarantee that his win in November cannot be questioned, cannot be called a result of voter fraud due to mail-in voting. Because for the next four months, all the media will be talking about is how he wanted to cancel the election.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is how you get the opposition to play chess like pigeon. I now return you to your regularly scheduled protests, rioting and quarantines.

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