How Hating Trump Makes You An Accessory To Terror

How Hating Trump Makes You An Accessory To Terror

Your hating Trump makes you an accessory to terror. Does that sentence make you uncomfortable? Probably not, because you think the accusation is ridiculous and doesn’t apply to you. Read on, dear Trump haters and never-Trumpers, and see how your words and actions supply the justification for that sentence.

You hate Trump. You’re publicly pleading with Iran not to attack or harm you because you hate Trump. You hate Trump because he hates LBGTQ’s, Jews, women, minorities, immigrants, the environment, Muslims and whatever else is your cause du jour. And you foolishly think your hatred of Trump, particularly for those reasons will curry favor with the Ayatollahs, or any Islamic Fundamentalist terrorist. This is one of the dumbest, most deeply, pathetically ignorant positions a person could hold. I’d feel sorry for you over your profound stupidity if you weren’t such an annoying, virtue-signaling twit to boot.

It is truly laughable that the same crowd that holds these opinions constantly calls those who support Trump names meant to insinuate a lack of intelligence. When Trump orders a precision military strike killing one of the most prolific sponsors and architects of terrorism, you still hate Trump. Trump ordered an airstrike that took out someone who was directly responsible for the recent deaths of Americans in Iraq, an attack on our Embassy, the deaths of hundreds of American soldiers and thousands of innocent civilians, and you attack Trump. Yet you call those who don’t hate Trump uneducated, unevolved, and of course, deplorables.

It baffles me that anyone can think that telling these Ayatollahs and other Islamic Fundamentalist terrorist you hate their enemy because of their enemy’s hatred of LGBTQ’s, Jews, women, etc., would make them see you as anything other than an even worse enemy. You are hell bent on removing their enemy from power in this country so this country can be more supportive, inclusive and aligned with LGBTQ’s, Jews, etc., and you think that puts you in their good graces?

Guess what? They hate LGBTQ’s, Jews, women, etc., exponentially more. They have a millennium-long track record of hating those you accuse Trump of hating. They stone to death those who are LGBTQ. They accuse women who have been raped of adultery and then execute those women for the crime. They pray and work daily for the annihilation of Israel and all Jews on the planet.

It is astounding you think your nonsensical virtue-signaling of hatred for Trump because of your deep, heartfelt support for those you accuse Trump of hating is going to make you anything but even more hated by these people. That’s not merely stupid, it is a perfect example of cognitive dissonance in action. It is a manifestation of thought derangement, a disarray of or inability to logically arrange thinking and behavior.

This is why those who react with a disturbing level of vitriol to the sight of a MAGA hat, the appropriate and common use of the word “trump” in a sentence, or the mere mention of the name of the man are said to suffer from “Trump Derangement Syndrome”. You are then dismissed from rational conversation not because someone disagrees with your feelings about or assessments of the man, his policies or Presidency, but because of your inability to hold a rational conversation.

There is a worse, for you, consequence as well. Let’s call it the lesson of Chicken Little. There may well be things this administration is doing or has done that merit investigation, if not ouright opposition. But when absolutely everything is attacked, twisted and interpreted to support your deranged hatred, if something you say does have merit it will be dismissed and ignored. Make no mistake, apologizing to Iran and begging for forgiveness for the justified use of force to take out a mass-murdering terrorist leader like Suleimani is one of those things that deserve dismissal. But, we can’t merely ignore this latest Trump-hating narrative, because your words have serious and very scary potential consequences.

Our media, self-appointed entertainers-cum-Constitutional scholars, and the Democrat party are vocally expressing outrage over this killing, the likelihood of an attack here at home or on our people, facilities or troops world-wide is higher. Too many here think controlling the court of public opinion can change the results of our election. This encourages our enemies to believe this as well. In their countries, that is how regime change happens. That is not how it happens here. We have elections. Elections have consequences, as does the behavior of the losers of those elections between elections.

I am not saying that if there is an attack on us or our interests it is the fault of our media, the Democrat party or the Trump haters. The blame always and fully lies with the terrorists. I am saying your logic applies. The same logic you employ when you state Trump’s supposed hatred for immigrant, minority, LGBTQ communities, et. al., makes attacks on those communities more likely and therefore the fault of Trump. You say Trump’s hate fuels, motivates and emboldens others and makes them believe they will not only escape punishment for their actions but be celebrated for any heinous act they can conceive. Well, right back at ya. What effect do you think your words have on our enemies?

In the military and law enforcement worlds, there is a truism that applies here. The bad guys only have to be lucky once while the good guys have to be lucky all the time. There is no defense against the lucky break. And the lucky break becomes more likely the more times an action is attempted.

The more motivated someone is, the more times they will try to achieve their ends. Sooner or later, the law of averages states, they will reach their goal even if only by luck. Anything someone does to help motivate another to attempt something again and again until they achieve their goal is an accessory to the act, good or bad. When we’re talking about a coach helping a player perfect a three-point shot, it’s a good thing.

When we’re talking about emboldening terrorists or a terrorist regime to attack, kill, maim and disrupt the lives of Americans, it’s not such a good thing, no matter how much you virtue signal your moral superiority, evidenced of course by the fact that you hate Trump. What you say matters. Words have consequences. Can you live with the consequences of yours?

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