Terrorism is Our Fault

ANOTHER ATTACK IN NEW JERSEY thankfully failed and it is obviously our fault. But first, let’s see how we can make this Bush’s, Trump’s or the Republican’s fault. If all else fails, it is White America to blame. Because it could never be Obama’s fault, or worse, something about the Peaceful Political Ideology aka Islam.

If I hear one more idiot talk about how these poor, misunderstood, disadvantaged souls just need jobs, opportunity and our understanding,

I. Am. Going. To. Lose. My. Shit.

The simple truth is there are a bunch of excuses depending on who you are and which political axe you want to grind. But underneath it all, it is Islam and the responsibility of Muslims to fix.


These terrorist attacks are all predicated on the same ideology that is Islam. No one can change this except Muslims. But they can’t and won’t, because the underlying philosophy of terror is rooted in the most central tenets of their shared faith.

It is not a twisting of the ideology as much as it is a reversion to the practices of early Islam and those of its founder. The goals then and now are the same – make all subject to Islam. Make examples of as many of the infidels as possible and subjugate any left standing.

This really has nothing to do with us in the West. Except that we have evolved and Islam has not. Muslims say that is the beauty of their religion, that it is the one major world religion that has not been changed since it’s founding.

Let’s look at some of the ideologies of Islam at its inception-

In 7th Century Saudi Arabia slavery, oppression of women, raping and pillaging for conquest, child brides as payment to garner favor, stoning a woman for adultery when she is raped, valuing the testimony of a woman at one fourth of a man, etc., etc., etc., were all common, normal and accepted practices justified by religious and cultural ideology. All of those practices are still in place in Saudi and elsewhere in the Muslim world. All of those practices are codified, justified and supported by Islam.

This is the supposed religion of peace. This is the goal of Islam. This is what the terrorists want to achieve here and elsewhere.
They want Power. Subjugation of all others. Coexistence with others only if those others either swear or pay fealty to Islam for the right to exist.

No, this really has nothing to do with us in the West. Islam was and is about conquest, about accumulation of power. The West’s fault and blame is thinking we can change the hearts and minds of these un-evolved savages.

What do we do about it now? How do we stop these savages from injuring or killing any more of us?

As much as I am against boots on the ground in any part of their world, the only answer to which they will respond, the only way to earn their respect, is martially. They must be made to fear us. They must be made to understand that we can and will annihilate every last one of them.
Truthfully, I don’t care what they do to each other. I don’t care that women are subjugated, that their rule of law is predicated on a 7th Century ideology. I don’t care that they use women and children as shields from behind which they attack. I don’t care if they completely kill each other off and leave a depopulated landscape. But I do care when they choose to bring their barbaric and savage ideology to our shores.

Our lady in the harbor says, “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses, yearning to breath free…”. But this wretched refuse does not want to be free, they want to remain enslaved to their ideology and to enslave us alongside them. Or, rather, under them.

Our Constitution says, “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain, unalienable rights…” This is a statement about us, to us, and all others, including those who seek the light next to the golden door. Only those who will embrace the message of our Founding Fathers, not just for themselves but for all others, should be allowed entry.

There are answers, and there are ways forward, but they entail actions and positions we are loathe to take. It is said that the mark of a person’s-or nation’s-character is to be found in how we treat others. Islamic Jihadis have measured our character. It is a character they do not respect. They do not want to breath free, or, they do but don’t want others to. They do not respect our way of life, our values, our ideals, but will use our values and ideals against us.

And that is wholly our fault. If we don’t respect and defend our ideals, no one else will.

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