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I Dream of Afghanistan

I dream of going to Afghanistan. I’m fascinated with history and in particular with places that have seen much of it. But I’m not interested in the history of that ancient and storied land. Or, not all of the history. There is just one moment in the long ribbon of time that calls to me... Read more »

PFC Andrew Meari Memorial Park, What It Really Means

PFC Andrew Meari Memorial Park, What It Really Means
PFC Andrew Meari Memorial Park has been officially dedicated. The sign is not yet permanently installed because the sign manufacturer made a small error and are working on a fix. It’s not yet searchable on Google Maps or Mapquest either, but it is a reality, a real place with real meaning. Regular readers will recognize... Read more »

How to tell the difference between a Jihadi and a Muslim

Jihadi is a colloquial term for Muslims in general, but by definition is someone who participates in Jihad, or Holy War. The most pressing question facing the Nation today is how to tell the difference between someone who is a follower of the religion of Islam and someone who believes it is good, right and... Read more »

Four Marines Killed in Tennessee

Four Marines Killed in Tennessee
Four Marines were shot and killed at a recruiting center in Chattanooga, Tennessee today. The suspected gunman also died and a police officer and at least one other individual was injured. The initial report was of a “White Male” suspect. The shooter has now been identified as Mohammed Yousef Abdulazeez. This is a developing situation,... Read more »

Endless War by Robie Odonnell

Every now and then, something happens that just can’t be explained by anything other than fate. For the past few months I’ve been working in the real world on several different military and veteran initiatives, many of which center on getting the message of our veterans out to the civilian world. A lot of those... Read more »