No More Killed In Action, #NoMoreKIAs

No More KIAs means no boots on the ground in Iraq in response to the beheading of James Foley. For that matter, in response to anything that is not a direct attack on us. By on us, I mean on US soil.

I am a member of a very exclusive club and it is our unanimous opinion that we do not want any more members. We are the Gold Star families, the loved ones left to mourn when a solider, sailor, Marine, Airman, Coastie or Guardsman loses their life in war. We cover every angle of the political and socio-economic spectrum. Some of us supported the reasons for the war in Iraq and Afghanistan, some did not. We all live with the pain of the consequences of those wars.

We, as a nation, need to step back and understand the situation in Iraq for what it is. It is a sectarian fight, and nothing more than the latest battle in a war that has been going on for more than a millennium. Barely twenty four hours ago, I wrote this post in response to the horrific beheading of James Foley. It is one of the longest I have ever done, but the intent was to lay it all out, describe the players, the motivations and most of all explain how and why it has nothing to do with us.

#NoMoreKIAs. Please, no more. That’s the hashtag. Use it. Spread it. Make it happen

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