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Shinseki and Obama vs Veterans and The American Taxpayer

Eric Shinseki is surprised and appalled at the systemic lack of principles among so many in the VA leadership. Obama is to have a ‘serious conversation’ with Shinseki. Veterans are literally dying to see a VA doctor. And the American Taxpayer is footing the bill. Just what in the hell is really going on? The... Read more »

Some Hard Truths About PTS and Suicide

Embedded within the issue of Post-Traumatic Stress are quite a few topics many would rather not discuss. Of those, suicide is probably the most difficult. Uncounted thousands of words have been written about soldier suicide yet we are no closer to understandings, much less solutions. I’ve spoken with a few who attempted suicide. Most are... Read more »

Daring to Write about Post Traumatic Stress

Nearly two years ago, I began seriously researching Post Traumatic Stress. Since then, I have wanted to write about my findings and my thoughts on my findings. I have, but there was so much more to say, so many different facets to this complex issue. What follows are the results of my research, literally hundreds... Read more »

Memorial Day is not about your Aunt or The True Meaning of Memorial Day

Memorial Day is not about your Aunt or The True Meaning of Memorial Day
Unless your aunt died in service to our country, Memorial Day is not about her. Or any of your other dearly departed. While it is always appropriate to honor our loved ones, remember them and even visit their final resting places, this is not the point of Memorial Day. This one day of the year,... Read more »

Military Recruiting the Best of the Best

“The Best of the Best of the Best” is a line from one of the funnier scenes in the original “Men In Black” movie with Will Smith. Shortly after, another classic one-liner is delivered by “Zed”, “You’re everything we’ve come to expect from years of government training”. I really like that movie, but really hate... Read more »

The Sins of the Veterans Administration

The sins of the VA are legion. Denying claims as policy; stalling appointments until those pesky claimants simply die to avoid giving them care; treating those fortunate enough to get in the door like trash; intentionally destroying paperwork to appear to have cleared the backlog of unprocessed claims, the list of transgressions goes on and... Read more »

The Price of Stolen Valor

Stolen Valor has been called a victimless crime. Because of this opinion, when these thieves of honor are caught, too often they are not prosecuted. Afterall, it is only an idea or ideal that is being violated and no actual person is harmed. This thinking is wrong on every leve Lying to impress other occupants... Read more »

The We Us and Them of the Warrior Culture

Recently, I came across a post, actually a rant by someone who is well recognized in the veteran community, Boone Cutler. He is a combat veteran, author and host of a radio show out of Reno, Nevada.  You can listen on the web by clicking on for the links to days and times of... Read more »

Carry The Load and Restore The True Meaning of Memorial Day

Carry The Load National Relay is out to restore the true meaning of Memorial Day. One step at a time, one mile at a time over a course of 2,000 miles in 26 days. There will be stops in 25 towns between West Point, NY and Dallas, TX. The event is the brainchild of Clint... Read more »

Mother's Day for Once A Moms

Mother's Day for Once A Moms
Mother’s Day is almost here and already I can hardly breathe. It feels like my chest is literally caving in and if I didn’t know better, I’d think it was a heart attack. But I do know better as I’ve become all too familiar with this feeling. It’s just what a truly, irreparably, permanently, broken... Read more »
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    Views and opinions from the Gold Star, Military and Veteran perspective are generally different from those of the civilian world. Much of what I write is "their" stories, as told to me as the Gold Star Mother of PFC Andrew Meari, KIA 11/1/10 in Kandahar, Afghanistan. This is how I continue to honor the Oath my son took. I don't like labels or boxes as the former is insufficient to describe a person and the latter limits a person but if you insist, call me a Progressive Republican. I believe in this country, our Constitution and above all, in the rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. I believe our government is supposed to serve the people, not tell them how to live. To me, this is just common sense but since it seems to be a minority opinion, it has become "Uncommon Sense".

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