Immigration Rally On National Mall

I have resisted writing anything about the shutdown, the ridiculousness of Washington DC, Obamacare and just about anything else in the news lately. Not because I don’t care but simply because I am so sickened and disgusted, I’m having a hard time forming words.

With this latest news, that has changed.

Last week I applauded the WWII veterans who, with help from some lawmakers, defied the idea that an open air museum commemorating their fallen brothers was ‘closed’.

WWII Vets face 'closed' signs upon arrival at their memorial on October 1, 2013

WWII Vets face ‘closed’ signs upon arrival at their memorial on October 1, 2013

These veterans waited for decades for this memorial to be built. Then many waited even longer for their chance to go see it due to the medical and health issues so many face with their advancing age. That they would be turned away from an open air memorial honoring their service was more appalling than I could describe.

I laughed at, cheered for and gleefully shared the internet memes on the theme of “the Japanese and Germans didn’t deter them, why would a little metal free standing fence?”. This was all over the news, all over the internet, these stories of octogenarians challenging the powers that be to put them in jail for daring to visit the memorials. Adding my voice to the mix seemed superfluous.

Next up were news stories about the President chiming in on the name of a sports team and it’s racially offensive mascot. Because he has nothing better to talk about. Of course, Republicans were all over that, because they didn’t have anything more important to talk about either.

Then came the stories about death benefits being denied to the families of those killed in action over the weekend due to the shut down. Disgusting and infuriating, but simply further proof that each side is going to do all it can to make the other side’s refusal to compromise hurt and outrage the American people. As soon as I heard this one, I knew it was only a matter of time before politicians started ranting at their cohorts on the other side of the aisle about this disgrace. I’m going to predict that the delay in making those payments will now be measured in hours.

Now for the story that finally put me over the top and allowed me to focus my rage enough to form words.

The news item in question is about the immigration rally that took place today in Washington DC.

On the supposedly closed Washington Mall.

In one of the many areas that were supposed to be closed to visitors due to the shutdown.


National Park Service spokesman Mike Litterst was quoted, “Employees are furloughed but the First Amendment continues”, a comment said to reference why an attempt was made to deny WWII veterans access to their memorial, but this rally’s permit was not rescinded.

A Republican member of Congress was reported as having tweeted, “Obama closed the National Mall to WWII vets. You can visit it tomorrow, but only if you’re in the illegal alien rally”.

Several Democrat lawmakers were among the more than 200 arrested for blocking the steps to the Capital, because I guess the National Mall couldn’t contain all 20.000 who came out. To the supposedly closed National Mall.

I’m sick of the finger pointing over who is to blame for this current, latest mess. I’m sick of hearing how it is the evil Republicans who refuse to accept that the Affordable Care Act is law. I’m sick of hearing how the childish Democrats, including our President, refuse to compromise. Both sides are guilty for their part. Both accusations are accurate. Both sides are wrong.

But, this selective closing of areas to make a point, damaging the other side’s perceived constituency while allowing their own perceived constituents access to those closed areas is simply too much. There is no spin, no excuse, no deflecting the blame for this one. Trying to claim this rally for illegal immigration is a First Amendment issue is an insult to the intelligence of the American people and another slap in the face of our veterans.

Do you really think you need to describe to veterans what is important about the First Amendment? Do you not understand they defended it with their very lives? And you are trotting out that argument in defense of people who have no rights under our Constitution because they are illegal squatters in this country?

The Director of National Park Service Jonathan Jarvis is an appointee of the Obama Administration. It is on his orders, and those issued from the Oval office that the National Parks have been closed. This immigration rally could not happen without his approval.

President Obama, it is time you understood that the perception that most of those who wore this nation’s uniform are Republican is a clear example of wrong-headed thinking.They are not Republican nor are those who support our military and veterans. Neither are they Demcrat.

They can best and only be described truthfully as Americans. These are the men and women who took an oath very similar to yours, but they actually meant it. They have walked the walk, lived, breathed, risked their lives and watched their brothers die for the ideals upon which they swore. You’d do well to learn from their example.

Punishing those who were willing to die for this country by closing their memorials while allowing thousands who by their very presence violate the laws of this country access is the single most egregious act of partisanship I’ve ever seen. The fact this issues from the White House, from our Commander in Chief frankly scares me beyond words.

Did you hear that crack? That was the sound of the camel’s back breaking.

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