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10 Reasons I Hate Top Ten Lists

10 Hottest Celebrities! 10 Things You Should Always Do! 10 Things You Should Never Wear! Here’s to hoping Top Ten Lists go the way of the Pet Rock, then we can all look back and laugh at how we were taken in by the hype; slightly embarrassed we took part but shrug it off as... Read more »

Paula Deen and Robert Kerkorian: Words From the Past

Paula Deen is held accountable for what she said and loses her job. Robert Kerkorian lies about his military service and is promoted to Chief of Waukegan Police. What’s wrong with this picture? I cannot and will not defend Paula Deen, though I believe we as a culture have become ridiculously overly sensitive. Because she,... Read more »

Edward Snowden leaking NSA Surveillance Records, Patriot or Traitor?

Is NSA whistle blower Edward Snowden a patriot or traitor, is the Air Force denying access to news, who is responsible for PRISM and what about the collecting of news outlets phone records?  These are several of the items currently flitting across my radar, each of which is alarming in and of itself. Taken all... Read more »