Help for May Day Protestors

A crowd of about 1,000 gathered in Union Park to begin a march into downtown to the Federal Plaza today. Their primary focus seems to be immigration reform, though they are tailoring their message to align with that of traditional May Day protests by chanting “We are all workers”.

So, in the interest of helping out those who are subverting, I mean conjoining their message with that of May Day, I’m submitting a few items for consideration.

When you dilute a message by including extraneous points, you do a disservice to all. Be workers demonstrating for better conditions and fair pay or be illegal aliens – not ‘undocumented workers’ – demanding we change the laws you’ve chosen to break. Wait, that really wouldn’t serve your purposes, now would it. Silly me.

In your travels through the streets of our fair city, take a moment to recognize that today is Silver Star Banner Day. Take a moment to find out what that means. Perhaps then we would believe that you care about this country you have invaded like a swarm of locusts, devouring our services and resources.

While you are exhorting the crowd to do something about the plight of those amongst you who by your very presence breaks the law of the land, maybe add a line or two of remembrance that May is National Military Appreciation Month. Then again, honoring those who sacrifice to uphold our laws and our constitution would be rather comical coming from those who, at the risk of repeating myself, are in violation of those laws by their very presence.

When every man and woman who has earned the right to have the Silver Star Banner displayed in their honor has a job, maybe then I’ll care about the rights of a bunch of people who have no right to be here.

“May Day, May Day” is the international distress signal. How appropriate.

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