British Soldier Killed in London

British Soldier Killed in London
Knife wielding suspect, bragging to witnesses.

A British soldier was killed, hit by a car then the knife-wielding assailants got out of the car and attempted to behead and disembowel the man as he lay dying in the street. In London. Today.

When I saw the link from This Ain’t Hell, I had to click on it, thinking it was going to be some sort of sick satire. As the video played and the man holding two knives, one appearing to be a meat cleaver, addressed the camera, my first thought was this can’t be real.

But it is real. The man in the video really said “You people will never be safe”, this actually happened just hours ago. According to CNN, the victim appears to be a serving British soldier who had been on duty in central London and was returning to the Royal Artillery Barracks in Woolwich.

There is no question this is an act of terrorism. The attackers requested to be photographed and filmed. One of the two went over to a bus that was stopped nearby and asked people to take photos and video. He shouted “We swear by mighty Allah we will never stop fighting you”, yet Prime Minister David Cameron said there were “strong indications” the killing was a terrorist attack.

You think?

Let’s see…two guys, shouting about Allah, retribution, an eye for an eye, savagely hack apart a man on the streets of London and there are “strong indications”? Did Cameron attend the White House class on how to spin even the most blatant Jihadist atrocities to keep from potentially offending Muslims?

I don’t want to hear about how Islam is a religion of peace, how we are not at war with Islam, blah, blah, blah. That simply doesn’t matter. The only thing that matters is this version of Islam is most definitely at war with us. This happened on the street in London. In broad daylight. In front of witnesses who were asked to record the Jihadi’s message of hate, vengeance and retribution.

Already many are celebrating on Jihadi websites, congratulating these two sub-humans for bringing the war home to the infidels. One problem with that is the war was already brought home to us, here in the US on 9/11/01. That’s what brought us to their ‘home’. I guess it is not only the American and British citizenry that has forgotten.

But, this happened in London and such a thing could never happen here. At least that is the early response I’ve seen. I’d like to think that is true. I’d like to think that if this were to happen on the streets of an American city, the attackers would not be shot by the police. I’d like to think they would have been, um, subdued and restrained by onlookers, not video taped.

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