Obama Arms Muslim Brotherhood

There is lunacy, then there is this. The US just delivered the first four of twenty F-16 bombers to Egypt as part a $1.3 billion Foreign Military Financing program. Next up on the delivery schedule are 200 M1A1 Abrams Main Battle Tanks. To Egypt. To Muslim Brotherhood Party leader and now President of the country, Mohamed Morsi.

Just to keep this in perspective, let me restate this. We are giving US military capabilities to a man who calls Jews “descendants of apes and pigs.” Whatever you think about Israel, the idea that we would intentionally arm someone who holds such a medieval and evil view of his fellow human beings with the weapons to make his prayer to Allah to destroy those he considers subhuman is just insanity. Or Liberalism in its most idiotic manifestation.

This is happening while Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta is recommending what is in effect a pay cut for our troops. As his parting shot, Panetta got the Joint Chiefs signed off on his recommendation that military pay be adjusted down from a 1.7% increase to a 1% increase in the 2014 budget. The reasoning behind this recommendation is because our military and our government are out of money.

This short-sighted, misguided and simply foolish aid package does at least have some strings attached. Not in how those weapons will be used, not in securing religious freedom or any other human rights for the people of Egypt, but only in how the aid package must be spent. Simply put, we are giving Egypt money which they then must spend on US manufactured weapons of war. And our elected officials and military leaders in the Pentagon say those strings are there to bolster our economy and ensure US jobs.

While this is happening, Morsi has rolled out the red carpet for Iran’s Ahmadinejab, famously mispronounced by Jay Leno as Ah’m-a-nut-job, still one of my all-time favorite but frighteningly appropriate sobriquets. Iran’s economy has been crippled, but that isn’t stopping them from trying to play the great benefactor. “We can provide a big credit line to the Egyptian brothers”, he said during the first trip of an Iranian leader to Egypt since 1979. They say we can’t judge others on who offers them friendship, but we most certainly can by whom they accept as friends.

Perhaps there are those who think giving this foreign aid package to an unstable, anti-American, Muslim extremist government that is busy bolstering it’s ties to Iran will buy some good will and even a measure of leverage. My main question on that line of thinking is, How well has that worked out for us in the past in this region of the world?

I really wonder if the big brains in Washington are that clueless or simply that greedy. Greed is a major factor when we realize that the makers of those F16’s and Abrams tanks will receive the lion’s share of that $1.3 billion. They will profit even more in the future when we end up facing those weapons across a battlefield in the Sinai and have to equip our own troops. But by all means, we should address reducing Pentagon spending by decreasing the soldier’s cost of living increases.

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