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Illegal Immigration Reform Creates Criminals or Voters?

I’m not really surprised at Senator McCain’s statement of “If you have a large bloc of Americans who believe that you are trying to keep their … fellow Hispanics down and deprive them of an opportunity, obviously that’s going to have an effect.” It’s actually kind of refreshing to see this entire debate labeled for what it... Read more »

Clinton Benghazi Testimony a Waste of Time

Like many, I was very interested in what would be said during Secretary Clinton’s questioning at the Senate Foreign Relations committee last week. I had written about the Benghazi debacle before, and I was excited to see how much truth would be let out. Mostly, I was looking for answers that would put many of... Read more »

Argument Against Gun Background Checks

In all of the controversy about various gun control laws, the one thing I’ve never been able to understand is opposition to background checks. I have serious reservations about stricter gun controls, but, arguing against background checks? That one had me scratching my head. Then I came across the following blog. The Rhino Den is one of the... Read more »

Inauguration Traditions are Clues to Policy

President and Mrs. Obama have given a lot of lip service to the support of our military and their families, but is it a genuine commitment or mere pandering? There is ample photographic and video-graphic proof of both the President and First Lady’s attendance at and participation in events for our military, particularly with military... Read more »

Executive Orders or Executive Actions

So now we wait… Executive Actions are different from Executive Orders, and not in semantics only. One is a blueprint for the President’s agenda, the other is a potential violation of the Constitution’s separation of powers. We elect a President to lead, to set a tone and direction for the country. We elect a Congress... Read more »

The 28th Amendment

The 28th Amendment does not exist, though there has been a proposal for one floating around for a very long time. And no, I’m not talking about the Equal Rights Amendment championed by luminaries such as Gloria Steinem and first proposed by Alice Paul in 1923. This 28th Amendment proposal has even less chance of... Read more »