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Bullies Are Society's Fault

School is starting in a few short weeks, and while many parents are happy to get back into the routine, just as many kids are dreading the coming school year. These kids may like learning, may even get good grades, but still hate going to school. These are the kids who spend as much time... Read more »

The Human Allergy

I have discovered, or rather admitted, I have a potentially life altering allergy. They say the first step in addressing a problem is  identifying the fact you have one. This condition is potentially life altering because of the reaction to the allergen. Since I can’t control my exposure to the cause of the reaction, I am at the... Read more »

Insurance Insanity

I have been fortunate that I’ve always had sufficient and even good medical insurance nearly all of my adult life. I do admit part of it is fortune, but part of it is also because of the choices I’ve made, including working for over six years at job I hated, for a company I hated... Read more »

Religion and Abortion

I would like to have an intelligent, dispassionate conversation on religion and abortion. Yeah, I know I’m asking a lot. When faced with an emotional issue, or one in which most people’s reactions-my own included-are very emotional, I try to separate the emotional content and look at the situation from an intellectual, analytical standpoint. This... Read more »

Pro-Life or Anti-Child?

There are a few things that make my blood boil faster than a conduction cook top can ready a pot for a bag of rice. The top of the list is anything involving harm to a child. Yeah, I know, controversial stuff there. However, my anything list also includes those issues that one would not... Read more »

The Definition of Valor

While everyone is focused on the Supreme Court’s decision on Obama Care, the Court issued another decision the very same day on a case I’ve been following. With the 4th of July just around the corner, this decision should be getting a lot more media attention. This case and this decision speaks to the heart of... Read more »