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ObamaCare Defeated or Upheld?

The Supreme Court has just ruled, striking down what many believe is the most integral part of The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, better known as ObamaCare, the individual mandate. At least, that is the telling according to some.Others are trumpeting that ObamaCare has passed the constitutional litmus test and Obama has been vindicated.... Read more »

Compassion v. the Law

The Supreme Court has decided to strike down three provisions of the controversial Arizona law commonly known as S.B. 1070 in the case of Arizona v. United States. The fact of this is secondary in importance to the reasonings behind the decision, at least in my opinion. The challenge to the new Arizona law, which... Read more »

Radicalization of the Muslim American Community

The Committee on Homeland Security has just completed five hearings on the subject of Radicalization within the Muslim American Community. I would think the fact these hearings took place, as well as the full transcribed text of each of the five hearings would have been front page news all across America. The mantra out of... Read more »