Why Unapologetic?

Why am I Unapologetic?
Well, it's simple I guess. I am afraid of what the world thinks of me 99% of the time. Here though? It's my space to say what I feel.

So what is this blog really about, the title is so... undescriptive?
It's about everything and anything including but most definitely not limited to, Essential Oils, Music, Restaurants, Celeb Gossip, Alzheimer’s, Addiction, Weight Loss, Dating, Family, etc. The better question is what won’t you find.

Don't like what I write?
Sorry, but I'm not sorry. Don't read it or better yet- read and challenge me in the comments. I would love a devil's advocate and I never turn down a chance to expand my mind.

Have a Question, Comment or Concern?
Email me at unapologetic.cn@gmail.com