Sorry, but I'm just not that happy for you

Sometimes it is just so damn hard to be happy for other people.

“I’m getting married!”

“I’m pregnant”

Etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.

Good. For. You.

I want to be crass and rude. To their faces. But I can’t. Why would I tear someone down on what is possibly the happiest day of their lives thus far, just because my life is, well, lacking for lack of a better term.

But you know what’s going to come after the announcement. Party after fucking party celebrating their engagement, wedding shower, the wedding, or their future baby, their kids turning 1, turning 2… and little by little, your life goes from trying to create a life of your own, to living other peoples lives.

Slowly the Saturdays belong to those with things to celebrate. Slowly your hopes and dreams disappear.

How do you stay happy when you know what’s to come?

So sorry if I don’t go nuts helping you pick between a jeweled purple and pastel pink wedding dresses. I’ve got my own life too.

Signing off.

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