Thoughts on Life: God, Modern Medicine, Purpose and Life.

I lost someone very close to me this week.  It’s never easy. I’m fairly green to the losing loved ones thing.  Haven’t been through it too often and it’s got me thinking.

Why do people believe in God? I think there’s a multitude of reasons.  One being that it’s how we are raised.  It’s what we have known from the time we were born and what was reiterated to many of us Sunday after Sunday.  Some of us have gone on to challenge our beliefs.

I for one no longer attend church.  I don’t pray at night. I don’t believe I go somewhere white and shiny when I die. Am I wrong? Who knows…

So why else believe in God besides it being ingrained in the membrane? It makes life easier.  Between all the death, hate, violence, etc. it’s just easier to say- there’s a point, I’m going to heaven. Right? It’s easy to take the pressure off of yourself and put it into God’s hands.  Otherwise what is the point?

Why do we try to keep people alive so long? I’m going to take a lot of slack for this one.  Well probably all my thoughts in this blog but I feel like this one is especially taboo.  Modern medicine is AMAZING and it has its place in this world.  But I don’t think its place is to keep someone alive far beyond what they body is prepared for.

If a 23 year old person has a stroke and has a great chance of recovery, they gee golly, go ahead and hook them up to breathing machines, feeding tubes, IV’s the list goes on… and on… and on.

But what about a 91 year old person whose body is done? What if they have a stroke? What is moral? To keep them hooked up to a million pieces of equipment because we can? It is no way to live. Having to teach her son to change her diaper and not being able to do anything but stare at a ceiling for the rest of your life.  It’s no way to live.

If that person wants to live like that- truly for themselves, want to live like that then the option is there. Why do we push them to want to live when they’ve had enough?  Why don’t we ask them if they are okay? Why isn’t it okay to just want to be done?  I know when I get older and my brain turns to mush or someone is changing my diapers that I’m going to decide what my life is going to be.  It won’t be my children.  It won’t be my siblings.  My life. My decision.

If Heaven isn’t the reason we are here what is?  Good question.  One I’ve been doing a lot of thinking on.  I’ve been so stressed about all the sickness, illness, death and failure in my family lately that I just needed to search for answers. Most are impossible to find but I think this one actually isn’t that hard.

We are here because in nature, a species job is to survive.  I don’t think it gets more in detail than that.  We adapt and change to survive.  It’s simple.

So then what’s the point of all the stress we go through? What is the point of working our way into the ground? Most of that stress is stress human kind has put on themselves.  I think we’ve got it all wrong. Other species kept life simple.  They eat what they have around them.  They sleep in what they have around them.  They accept what they have around them.

Humans? We had to go get all civilized and shit.  We made life hard on ourselves.

So now what? We are here so we should make the best of it whether we are trying to get into some mythical heaven or we are just trying to keep it bearable for our short existence.  Hell maybe I’ll come back as a simple ant in my next life.

So I’m going to realize work isn’t my life. I’m going to understand that I only have so much time with my loved ones and I’m going to live it to the fullest.  I’m going to stop trying to being extraordinary and accept that ordinary is perfect for me.

I’m going to use my vacation time.  I’m going to dance in the rain and stop and smell the roses.  I’m going to stop worrying about everyone else and start learning to enjoy life for what it is.

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