Get Happy by Surrounding Yourself with Positivity

Get Happy by Surrounding Yourself with Positivity

Just be positive. Sounds like a simple concept right? Kicking the negative to the curb and keeping positive right? Not always.

I struggle all the time with staying positive.  It makes everything hard from me to keeping stable relationships whether they be friendships or romantic to staying healthy or doing well in school.

I’m not a negative person by nature.  If fact, when it comes to anyone but myself, I am Ms. Positivity.  It’s probably quite annoying to my loved ones.

When it comes to me, however, I struggle big time.  I choke when I need to do something important.  I put myself down in front of a mirror.  I compare myself to other people all. the. time.

The last few months have been a bit different.  I decided maybe I can’t just get off the couch and go on dates. Maybe I can’t just decide to eat healthy one day.  Not where you thought this was going, right?

I needed help.  Serious help because by myself, with my negative thoughts, I wasn’t going to go anywhere.

I started surrounding myself with positive.  And when I did, do you know what happened? I started feeling better about getting out of bed in the morning.  About going to work.  About eating healthy.  About going to the gym.  About happy hour with friends.  About blind dates.

So what exactly did I do?

I decided to stop watching TV that made the world feel hopeless.  Sure there are still bad things going on all around me, I mean come on, I live in the 2nd largest city in America. Instead, when I put the TV on I try to find something inspirational. Something I can relate to or that made me feel less alone.

Instead of the news, cop shows, dark and twisty shows, pointless drunken reality tv etc. I started elected to watch Ted Talks on Netflix.  I started recording shows about people improving their lives like Extreme Weight Loss.  I would watch documentaries that maybe weren’t always positive, but they inspired me.

Afterward, I’d get off the couch and feel like there are things I can do to improve myself and the world.  It’s not all pointless.

2. Negative Friends.  Oh boy is this is a big one.  If you have negative friends and you are trying to improve your life, you have a big problem.  You have two choices: if they are super negative and there is not a strong foundation- dump the toxicity.  If you feel like they are too important to just dump- talk to them.  Tell them you are trying hard to change your life, and that has to start with your attitude.  Ask them to help by being more positive.

On the flip side- Surround yourself with positive friends and family! Is there a friend you don’t talk to often but you admire their outlook on life?  You don’t have to be best buddies overnight, or ever for that matter.  Just go to dinner.

3. I love this one.  I started it my 3rd year of undergrad and do it on and off.  I forgot how much it helps until I started the habit again recently.  Get dry erase markers and write.  Anywhere. Everywhere.  Mirrors are great, windows work too.  They don’t have to be dorky affirmations, though those are awesome. They can just be memories that make you smile! I personally like song lyrics that remind me of memories of friends.  My favorite is “Just when you think, you got me, figured out the seasons already changing.” So many memories and the song just simply makes me smile!

4. Pictures, nik naks and gifts. This one sure did take a LONG time for me to figure out.  I thought every time I received a gift I had to display it at my house.  You know what? I don’t.  Everything is in boxes now.  What goes up on my walls now? Picture of people and moment’s that make ME happy. Nik nak’s I’ve collected that remind me of my travels and people I’ve love and who love me.  It’s a simple version of fung shui.  Surround yourself with items that bring you peace and happiness.  Where to put them? Go read a fung shui blog lol.

5. Appeal to your senses.  Listen to music you love that is upbeat.  Music that brings back memories.  “He sings the songs that remind him of the good times, he sings the songs that remind him of the better times”. Spray scents that make you happy.  I personally love the smell of lilacs and lillies so I put them in my house. My mom is happy when she smells cinnamon. It reminds her of childhood.

When you have one through five down and you start to feel more positive about life- that’s when you make the changes.  That’s when you join a gym and start stocking your kitchen with fruits and veggies instead of frozen pizzas, ramen noodles and single serve meals.

This is when you start online dating or asking out your year-long crush.  Here’s when you ask for a raise, promotion or change at work.  This is when it’s possible to achieve your dreams.  It’s hard to do that when you don’t feel good about yourself.

It’s sort of strange.  We are always told that happiness comes from within, but I’m not so sure.  Yes, it’s my choice to be happy.  But sometimes, it takes a little help from the outside world getting there. Be careful though.  These steps just might make you a better worker, healthier person and improved you.

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