2015 Billboard Music Awards Recap aka the Taylor Swift Show

I love awards shows.  I don’t know what it is.  Maybe it’s seeing our favorite singers live. Maybe its supporting our favorite artists while they sing their asses off or win award. Or maybe it’s exciting to see who’s going to cause a spectacle.  Maybe it’s to see a hard working singer kick butt and take over. Here is a recap:

Performances Highlights:

Van Halen performing Panama- I’m not a huge fan but I love when they bring in someone big from another generation.  The middle of the performance got interesting when David Lee Roth decided to make a not so tasteful remark about Nicki Minaj.

Nick Jonas performing Jealous- Decent live.  Dug the set design.  The worst thing about the performance was the Bachelorette, Caitlyn swinging her arm during her entire appearance.

John Legend and Meghan Trainor performing Like I’m going to Lose You– Great Performance.  It was nice to hear Meghan sing something more low key than all about that bass and her other someone over played hits. And you can never go wrong with a performance by the smooth and sexy John Legend.  However, John, it is somewhat disturbing that your wife thinks or you as a brother… just saying.

Mariah Carey performing Vision of Love/Infinity – Idina Menzel presented Mariah Carey for her performance which was followed up by a quick video tribute to Mariah.  Mariah has had one hell of a career, which is still going strong.

Her voice however has definitely changed.  Still strong, but the once impressive range has diminished.  The best part about her performance was her opening up with her first Billboard #1, Vision of Love. All in all, I have nothing but love and respect for MC. What was that dress though!?

Little Big Town feat. Faith Hill performing Girl Crush- I. LOVE. THIS. SONG. I don’t know what it is.  It is relatable to everyone.  Not everyone has been through a bad break up, or has been in love, or lost someone which makes up 90% of country songs. Almost everyone has pined for someone who was taken before.

While this song has been mistaken for a message about gay rights, it is an amazing, powerful song that deserved a performance spot this year.  On top of that, they included Faith Hill in the performance.  As Florida Georgia line said in their presentation, this song will never be more crush worthy than it was with the superstar country vocalist.

Ed Sheeran- You. Kick. Ass.  He did an entire performance on his own.  Like really.  And he kicked ass for what sounded like the loudest applause of the night.

Nicki Minaj w/ David Guetta– Great performance by Nicki.  Love when the females kick ass in the Rap Genre.  Granted- I am not a fan of seeing so much of their asses. I also bought this song on iTunes. David Guetta has another hit I’m sure.

Tori Kelly- Kia’s one to watch. OH! MY! GOD! What a voice on this women.  She’s cute, has amazing control, pitch and range and plays guitar.  From that first run, until her last note I was entrapped in her performance. I need to know more about her.


Paul Walker- Ludacris and Tyrese Gibson welcomed Wiz Khalifa feat. Charlie Poof and Lindsey Sterling on strange to perform See You Again as a tribute to Paul Walker.  I enjoyed everything about this performance from the piano and violin to the voices and the energy.  I bought it on iTunes before it was over. And Paul Walker- You are missed.

BB King- spoke to his legacy about half way through the show presenting his guitar on stage.  Towards the end, there was an additional moment for the King when Imagine Dragons took the stage like you’ve never seen them while BB King’s daughter and granddaughters looked on.  It was a quiet, touching and perfect tribute to a legend.

30th Anniversary of the Breakfast Club and John Hughes- Molly Ringwald and Simple Minds did a great job.  Again it’s great to see a not so current band perform on stage. Best parts of the tribute? Jennifer Lopez rocking out and Molly Ringwald asking to join T Swifts club… and apparently getting in! They were seen enjoying the performance by Simple Minds together and it appeared that Molly was giving Taylor her number as the cameras panned away at the end.

Ben E. King- Towards the end, there was an additional moment for the Ben E. King when Imagine Dragons took the stage like you’ve never seen them while his daughter and granddaughters looked on.  It was a quiet, touching and perfect tribute.


Top Duo/Group
One Direction Oh Well…

Top Billboard 200 Album
1989, Taylor Swift. First award of the night. Noteworthy- she seemed very comfortable hugging Calvin Harris

Best Rap Song
Fancy Iggy Azelea feat. Charlie XCX. KICK ASS! But awkward acceptance

Top Male Artist
Sam Smith who was not there due to vocal surgery, but provided an awesome acceptance via poster board.  It included a request for Taylor Swift to bet 100 on black for him.

Top Radio Song
All of Me, John Legend. Is anyone surprise? This was ALL over EVERY station in Chicago.  I mean 103.5, 96.3, 93.9 100.3 ecetera.  I’m shocked I never heard it on Country Radio!

Top Female Artist
Taylor Swift. While I was rooting for Iggy Azalea, I was happy with Taylor winning.  And let’s be serious, are we surprised? Oh and Ellen Pompeo- The world loves you!

Top Touring Artist
One Direction. They are talented… but again, oh well….

Hot Top 100 Song
All About that Bass by Meghan Trainor- Not surprised. Not Happy.

Billboard Chart Achievement
Taylor Swift- Super excited for her.  Not surprised but the women works her ass off. Again love Iggy Azalea as well.

Top Country Artist
Florida Georgia Line
! AHHH FGL I LOVE YOU! I’ve seen them in concert twice.  I love them.  I love their music. I’m happy.

Top Artist
Taylor Swift-
Woman deserves this.  I love that she dedicated the award to graduates everywhere.

Show Lowlight:

I had to give this performance it’s very own category.  What a poorly planned performance. Kanye west ended the show in a silent performance to us home viewers as he cussed his way through the song. Even worse- while it was silenced, we couldn’t even see a thing besides bright light from the pyrotechnics.  The entire thing was unenjoyable and a terrible way to end the show.  YOU ARE SO ANNOYING.

Additional Highlights:

World Premier of Taylor Swift’s Bad Blood Music Video- This video featured just about every female T Swift has ever met which of course included Salena Gomez. The ones I enjoyed more were the surprises such as Ellen Pompeo (who later presented Taylor with one of her many awards), Hayley Williams, Mariska Hargitay and Cindy Crawford.

The Hosts- Ludacris, please feel free to return anytime. Chrissy- Don’t come back.

Taylor Swift- It is no wonder that Taylor Swift always sits in the front row.  First, it is just good for time management as she goes up on stage repeatedly.  Second, she is just good entertainment.  She genuinely seems to enjoy the performances and we enjoy watching her!

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