What washes my car cleanses my soul

Carwashes. Quite honestly I used to think that getting a carwash was stupid. What’s the point of paying x amount of dollars for a carwash when your car is inevitably going to get dirty again? There have been countless times where I have made fun of my boyfriend for his car wash addiction. He even has a monthly pass to Ricky Rockets for fifteen monthly washes at $25 a month. Don’t even get me started on all of the other things I tell him I could spend that annual $300 dollars on. Food. Gas. Car insurance. Literally ANYTHING!!  But since then I have come to my senses. I no longer heckle him. Hell, I get upset with him now when he gets a carwash without me. To put it frankly, the days where I have questioned the car wash are over. This past month my boyfriend has let me borrow his car wash pass since he is unable to use it currently due to his new paint job. At first I didn’t think I would use it at all. At best I figured I’d let my mom use it on her 2013 Kia soul that most likely hasn’t been washed since…2013. 

One day after a tiring work shift, I impulsively made the decision to take myself to Ricky Rockets. It was one of those nights where I was trying to find any excuse to drive around and avoid having to go home. The second I entered the car wash entryway the flashing lights blinked at me to put my car in neutral, and as soon as I did, I was met with this profuse feeling of peace and serenity. And it didn’t stop there. The lights in the car wash flashed blues, purples, greens. The water was like a waterfall over my car and all I could see through every window were foamy bubbles that engulfed my Toyota Camry. I leaned my seat back and for a moment (approximately 3 minutes and fifty four seconds) I didn’t exist. And it was the most magical thing. If anybody in the world for those four minutes was trying to reach me, there’s literally nothing in the world I could do for that person until I get out of the car wash. You are not accountable for a damn thing in the world for those four minutes when you are in the wash. For me, Ricky Rockets is a soul cleanser more-so than it will ever make my car clean. 

With all of this being said, to whoever in the world is reading this right now, I strongly encourage you to treat yourself to a carwash today. Not because you need one or that your car is even dirty. But for peace of mind. At least for those three minutes and fifty four seconds.



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