College: Earning the subtle degree of independence

I am a firm believer in God. I believe he works in unpredictable ways and as much as talking about religion can result in controversy, I feel as though writing about my faith in God is a very healthy way to stay connected to God and may even connect some other believers to my writing. 

As of a few days ago, I am officially a college student. I just moved into my single dorm at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and these past few days have been nothing like I thought they would be. For starters, it’s been a lot harder to make friends than I originally thought. Not saying this is the case for every new college student. In fact, as I’ve been walking around campus, it appears as though most people have already found their posse. I didn’t necessarily think that moving to campus was going to result in a flock of people swarming around me desperate to be my friend, however, in a sense, I did think that. Mostly because these past few months leading up to moving away all anybody could seem to say about it is that college is the best place to meet people. Hell, studies show that most marriages and lifelong friendships derive from meeting on campus and college roommates! 

But for me, I’m not what you consider a social butterfly. I say hi to the wrong people in the elevator and I put oreos on my roommates beds crossing my fingers they’ll invite me to a party. As far as trying to meet people, I wouldn’t say I’ve gone above and beyond and really put myself out there but I also can’t say I haven’t tried. The truth is, these past few days haven’t really been all about meeting people, partying (which I have no desire due to the pandemic), or anything sociable for that matter. I’ve found that these past few days have taught me an independence I never thought I had. 

For you downtown Chicagoans, this’ll sound like a piece of cake. But for a suburbs girl who’s never gone without a car, a meal, or 24/7 parental surveillance, being on my own and walking hours to get to places has really helped me realize how appreciative I’m becoming and how much more rounded I still need to become. 

I must admit, these past four days, I didn’t really like my roommates. The two of them have been stuck like glue ever since they met a few days ago and I just feel like the weird girl they secretly hate that lives in the single room. When they first moved in, I tried breaking the ice with them, but there was a sense of extreme awkwardness to our conversation. So I left it at that. I felt as though even after the oreos, buying them batteries, and helping them move furniture, they just didn’t want to be my friend. So I have been shutting them out. Until this morning after an awkward bathroom encounter (because the three of us share a bathroom) I felt encouraged to ask if they ever wanted to hangout. And to my surprise, they said they’re having just as hard of a time meeting people as I am. With that being said, we’re going to have a movie night. This is where I believe God comes in. I prayed that I’d meet someone today. And sometimes the answer is right in front of you. 

Today won’t feel so hopeless as I walk a half hour to walgreens.

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