Happiness is just two scoops away

I’m sure most of us sometimes have this conversation with ourselves, or at least one similar to it. There comes a point every so often where I like to have a sit-down conversation with myself and truly break down what in my current point of life makes me happy. (Or maybe I’m weird for talking to myself…idk) In past times, I’ve found it to be things like the close relationship between my sister and I, or a newfound passion for crochet (DISCLAIMER: I am not 90 years old.) Although I still have a close relationship with my sister and continue to find joy in occasional scarf makings. I can’t say that those things are what do it for me these days. It’s a bit embarrassing to say but I’ve discovered that the thing making me most happy right now is Baskin Robbins’ Gold Medal Ribbon ice cream. Reality kicked in yesterday afternoon when I realized I have had the same ice cream cone everyday for the past WEEK! It’s become such a routine for me that It didn’t even phase me when the person who hands me my cone everyday started to laugh through his mask when we’d make eye contact. 


I’ve fallen so in love with this ice cream that a picture I have taken of it earlier in the week has now become my lockscreen! 



I know what you’re probably thinking…It’s a bit silly and quite frankly sad that the first thing that comes to mind when I picture what makes me happy is Baskin Robbins. I’ve realized that this particular ice cream has contradictorily been my saving grace as well as my kryptonite. If you do the math, every cone is roughly $7 (Yes. I know. For ice cream. Ridiculous.) If I continue this path of treating myself to this luxury every week. That totals to be $49 a week. With there being 52 weeks in a year, I will be spending roughly $2,458 a year simply on Gold Medal Ribbon Ice Cream. Which as an incoming college student, I definitely don’t have the money to invest towards this addiction. And like any addiction, it takes time to overcome. So until the day dawns where I can list another thing that makes me just as happy as Baskin Robbins, I’ll take two scoops of Gold Medal Ribbon in a chocolate dipped waffle cone. Thanks. 

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