What washes my car cleanses my soul

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Carwashes. Quite honestly I used to think that getting a carwash was stupid. What’s the point of paying x amount of dollars for a carwash when your car is inevitably going to get dirty again? There have been countless times where I have made fun of my boyfriend for his car wash addiction. He even... Read more »

College: Earning the subtle degree of independence

I am a firm believer in God. I believe he works in unpredictable ways and as much as talking about religion can result in controversy, I feel as though writing about my faith in God is a very healthy way to stay connected to God and may even connect some other believers to my writing. ... Read more »

Life's 'wrenches': learn to love them!

As I was driving down one of the main roads in my town I found myself to be stopped at a red light. It happened to be one of those infamous red lights that almost feel as though you could complete all of the errands you had left the house to complete in the first... Read more »

Happiness is just two scoops away

I’m sure most of us sometimes have this conversation with ourselves, or at least one similar to it. There comes a point every so often where I like to have a sit-down conversation with myself and truly break down what in my current point of life makes me happy. (Or maybe I’m weird for talking... Read more »

He doesn't need to see you again and that's okay

Most of us women are guilty of this mentality. The post breakup mindset of “he just needs to see me one more time and it will all be okay!”  As much as we like to deny that we are bothered by a breakup, most of us, if not ALL of us have had these thoughts.... Read more »

Finding comfort in quarantine

It has taken me awhile to actually admit it, but I miss quarantine. Yes. I’m talking about the early days of the COVID-19 outbreak when businesses were just starting to close and lockdown was just starting to kick in. Crazy, right?!   The reason why it has taken me so long to admit this to... Read more »

Fishing for a lifelong friend, caught a life lesson

As an optimist, or at least someone who tries to be one, I often try to point out the positives in every situation. I’ve always felt as though the negatives of life needed to be blocked out. They needed to be shunned! There’s a line from one of my favorite songs by Tom Petty that... Read more »

White privilege is a thing: Use it as a voice

White Privilege is a thing: Use it as a voice   It seems as though everyone has a different opinion on the rioting and looting going on in cities throughout the United States. Chicago and various suburbs have spent the last few days protesting. Some have been peaceful, like the one in my suburb. Others,... Read more »

Do I swipe or wipe during this pandemic?

There is no question that almost everyone’s lives have changed due to the outbreak of COVID-19. Some people’s lives have changed drastically; with a loss of a job or sadly even a family member. Other people were simply implemented with minor inconveniences such as boredom at home or not having a mask at hand for... Read more »