Kanye West’s Love for Donald Trump: SMH

Over a decade ago, I was watching a benefit concert for Hurricane Katrina’s victims and survivors.  Rapper Kanye West and actor Michael Myers appeared on the screen to continue a plea for donations for the devastation Katrina caused in New Orleans.  Instead of reading the scripted plan, West went off-script and delivered a passionate address... Read more »

Wonder Woman Does what James Cameron Has Not

Wonder Woman Does what James Cameron Has Not
Saturday night, as millions tuned into Mayweather-McGregor fight night,  I went to see Wonder Woman. (Yes, I know, I’m a little late in the game, but with two little kids, getting around to seeing a movie, even a summer blockbuster, is a challenge). It was one of the last screenings this summer and still on... Read more »

It’s Okay Jimmy Butler, Chicago’s Winter is Sure to be Colder than Yours

In much the same manner that people are born Cubs’ fans, Sox fans, or Blackhawks’ fans, I was born a Bulls’ fan.  Growing up, my dad told stories about Bob Love, my brother sort of looked like Will Perdue with Horace Grant goggles, and my mom did a near perfect Bill Cartwright voice impersonation.  During... Read more »

Fair School Funding for Illinois is not a "CPS Bailout"

Two weeks ago, the Illinois Senate passed a long overdue bill to provide equitable funding to all Illinois public schools.  Senate Bill 1 would vastly improve upon the current funding formula which has created the largest gap in our nation in school spending between school districts that serve the wealthy and districts that serve the... Read more »