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The Introverts Guide to Traveling

There are different travel personalities and an introvert is one of them.This is someone who is comfortable with limited social interaction. Proper planning can assure that the introvert and their travel companion will have a fantastic travel experience. Starting with the person you might travel with. Have a discussion and vet their travel personality so... Read more »


Being social on a trip can be an added experience and if you’re a solo traveler it can be an added companion.   Now, to some it may seem daunting to meet strangers especially in a foreign place, but it doesn’t have to. Just like anything else there’s an art to being social.   First,... Read more »

Travel Like a Celebrity

You may not have the bank account or the status of a celebrity, but you can vacation like one. If you want to make your next trip celebrity worthy do the following things. Go ahead it’s fun! Pick a destination that celebrities visit.You can stay in a modest hotel but hang out at the celebrity’s... Read more »

Welcome to Sheboygan, Wisconsin

Ja'Vonne in the drivers seat and camera man Howard in the navigators spot
Whenever I heard the name Sheboygan, I heard it the way Jerry Lewis would say it, “She BOY gan! After spending two wonderful, peaceful, yet exciting days here, I now say the name with a soft smile. As you read in Ja’Vonne’s previous blog, after checking to make sure the turn signals were working properly,... Read more »

Does Traveling make you a better person?

Well, according to some research and surveys the answer is yes. Here’s what was found. As adults our sense of time is compressed and therefore times seems to go by quickly. Remember when you were a child and time just seemed to meander? This is all based on our sense of time. It has been... Read more »