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Your Hotel Room is Your Gym - No Excuses

Staying fit while you travel is often a task. Some hotels don’t have a gym, some charge for the gym and other times it’s just difficult to get the time to go to the gym. Bring your workout to your hotel room. All you need is you and a routine. I’ve learned for a quick... Read more »


The weekend getaway is a great way to rejuvenate. 48 hours of down time. A mini sabbatical if you will. The best ones are just a drive away, 3 hours or less. After all you don’t have time to waste on transportation. If you’re a city guy or gal like me go to a fab... Read more »

A Moment in Black History - Flight Attendants

Journalist and nurse Ruth Carol Taylor became the first African American airline flight attendant in the United States when she joined Mohawk Airlines in 1958. However it was Patricia Banks who paved the way. After graduating from Grace Downs Air Career School in 1956 pursued a career as a flight attendant and was repeatedly denied... Read more »


Being social on a trip can be an added experience and if you’re a solo traveler it can be an added companion.   Now, to some it may seem daunting to meet strangers especially in a foreign place, but it doesn’t have to. Just like anything else there’s an art to being social.   First,... Read more »