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Recently The Traveling Eye and 80 of our listener family took a 4 day trip to Panama City. When traveling to a destination I don’t over research.  I find out the basic things like, where the destination is, what is the language and currency, and what is the electrical current.   I like to see a... Read more »

CIRQUE du SOLEIL’S “KURIOS” Stimulates the Imagination

The big yellow and blue tent has appeared in the United Center parking lot, The Cirque is back in town! I have seen and loved most of Cirque du Soleil’s productions.  It began in the early 90’s with the Nouvelle Experience. It was then I understood  that enter twined within the acrobats, costumes, music, and... Read more »

The Bristol Renaissance Faire – One Bite at a Time

Every year I carve out a Saturday and travel back to the year 1574 to the Village of Bristol to enjoy the Bristol Renaissance Faire.   I have been attending the faire since the early 80’s when it was then called King Richard’s Faire.  Back then it was more magical and fantasy, which appealed to... Read more »

90 Minute Timeshare Pitch in 3 Hours.

You can have a trip to Hawaii, 3 nights in Jamaica, two tickets to a Vegas show; all you have to do is sit through a 90 minute timeshare presentation!  How many of you have heard this pitch and actually signed up to do it?  My name is Bonnie DeShong and I drank the timeshare... Read more »

Disney World in a Day!

I recently was in Orlando and you can’t go to Orlando without visiting Disney World.  The problem was I only had one day to do it.  I discovered that the only way to make it happen was to have a plan. I sat down and decided which parks and attractions I wanted to visit.  I... Read more »

Your Hotel Room is Your Gym - No Excuses

Staying fit while you travel is often a task. Some hotels don’t have a gym, some charge for the gym and other times it’s just difficult to get the time to go to the gym. Bring your workout to your hotel room. All you need is you and a routine. I’ve learned for a quick... Read more »


The weekend getaway is a great way to rejuvenate. 48 hours of down time. A mini sabbatical if you will. The best ones are just a drive away, 3 hours or less. After all you don’t have time to waste on transportation. If you’re a city guy or gal like me go to a fab... Read more »

The Introverts Guide to Traveling

There are different travel personalities and an introvert is one of them.This is someone who is comfortable with limited social interaction. Proper planning can assure that the introvert and their travel companion will have a fantastic travel experience. Starting with the person you might travel with. Have a discussion and vet their travel personality so... Read more »

Vacation Like Nobody's Watching

When you go on vacation it’s all about YOU and having a good time, so go ahead and give yourself permission to do those embarrassing things. My husband loves finding McDonald’s around the world, I love going to Starbucks and I have the cups to prove it. If it makes you happy…. do it! Even if... Read more »


Taking photos when you travel is a given but how often do you get back and realize that no matter where you are your photos are basically of the same things. What I mean are things like monuments, museums and statues. Chicago Edition: The Skyline, The Bean, Crown Fountain, Gehry Pavilion, Lake Michigan, The Chicago... Read more »