Your Hotel Room is Your Gym - No Excuses

Staying fit while you travel is often a task. Some hotels don’t have a gym, some charge for the gym and other times it’s just difficult to get the time to go to the gym.

Bring your workout to your hotel room. All you need is you and a routine.

I’ve learned for a quick and effective workout in your room. Starting with one-minute jumping jacks. Using the timer on your cell phone, do as many jumping jacks as you can in one minute.


Next do a full Sun Salutation sequence. I like the one I’ve linked to the title. Just click it and follow along. These are nine core yoga moves that will give you a good stretch and toning. I also like to do the full Sun Saltation sequence before I go to bed.




I’ve also learned from a good friend and health and wellness expert Norma Rixter to use the furniture. A dresser can be used to do push offs. I find they are easier than push up and just as effective. Your chair can be used for dips and squats.

Your bed can be used in place of a ball to do easy sit ups and, of course, the floor is your playground!



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