The Introverts Guide to Traveling

There are different travel personalities and an introvert is one of them.This is someone who is comfortable with limited social interaction.

Proper planning can assure that the introvert and their travel companion will have a fantastic travel experience. Starting with the person you might travel with.

  • Have a discussion and vet their travel personality so there are no surprises or harsh feelings.
  • Opt for single rooms rather than sharing a room.
  • Limit your social interactions to half days and spend the other half to yourself.
  • Plan activities that you can do together but still have some alone time like a spa day or go to a museum where you can both explore on your own.
  • Do a self-guided tour instead of a group tour.

Introverts like social situations but not as much as the average person and certainly not as much as an extrovert so pick and choose when these moments are right for you and be honest with the person you’re traveling with so they won’t think your distance is a reflection on them.

Happy Travels



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