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Will legalism be the death of the Christian church

When it comes to talking about legalism in the church, people start to get a little squirmy, uncomfortable and even a little defensive.  We want to think that legalism is for those cults and sects like the Branch Davidians or Sciencetology. But legalism has crept in on a more subtle level and has become a... Read more »

Storms, Mileposts and Legacies - Being part of the Listen To Your Mother anthology

Our lives are filled with milestones. Many of them we travel by, acknowledge for a few fleeting moments in time and move on, leaving them in the past as some old, weathered monument tucked away out of sight in a forgotten place. Others though live on in our souls and continue to change us and... Read more »

My kids are my drug of choice

I will freely admit it – I am addicted to my kids.  They really are my drug of choice. You can have your booze and illicit drugs, I physically and emotionally need my kids. With issues surrounding work, financial pressures mounting, health declining and other issues I can’t go into, I felt the world closing... Read more »