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Is it coincidence or part of something bigger

There is tremendous list of people from the past that I would love to sit down and chat with. World leaders, famous writers, and men and women from the Bible all find their own place on this extremely long list. But there is one person that I tend to look to as an example of... Read more »

The Locker Room Showdown

Back in October, I applied for a job out in Los Angeles as a writer for the show Transparent. The show’s creator was looking for a trans woman to join the writers to give a first hand perspective to the scripts.  This was an opportunity that I knew I couldn’t pass up. As part of... Read more »

The dream meeting that may be more pipe smoke than reality

Did you know that since the beginning of time, there have been over 106 billion people that have lived on this planet?  Over 106 BILLION!  I was recently asked to write about the one person or list of people – out of those 106 billion people – that I would want to meet.  Seriously? The... Read more »

Being Christian and Transgender - feeling caught in the middle.

In 2010, shortly after I officially transitioned, I heard a very distinctive call in my life.  The call came as a subtle rumble through much of what I did.  I had to make a very public transition at work, but since being separated at the time, I was able to lead a fairly quiet, private... Read more »