Eating Healthy: Chobani Greek Yogurt wins my vote

Greek yogurt has made it’s way into the American diet and is here to stay.  Over 12 feet of shelf space is dedicated to the different brands and varieties at my local big box retailer.  Though there are many claims of the health benefits of Greek yogurt over the traditional yogurt we have known for years, not all the varieties are the same or even that healthy.

As per my usual routine now when looking for new products, I looked over the nutritional labels of several of the different kinds sitting in front of me. Several brands were eliminated immediately when i saw ingredients like Sucralose and Acesulfame Potassium listed.  Both of these are artificial sweeteners and pose some health risks, especially for those who are diabetic.

One of the other ingredients was Potassium sorbate, a common preservative that is used to prevent mold and yeast from growing.  Since I am on a medication that is a potassium saving diuretic, I have to be careful about the amount of potassium I take in since I get potassium in other sources. Also, high doses of potassium sorbate can cause issues with the immune system.

All the bad news aside, on to the good news.  I did find a brand of greek yogurt that does live up to the health hype. With the purchase of a recently closed yogurt plant in 2005 in upstate New York, Chobani’s founder and CEO, Hamdi Ulukaya set about making his dream to bring better and healthier yogurt options to America a reality.

Chobani Greek YogurtChobani uses only natural sweeteners and natural ingredients.  The milk they use comes from cows free from rBST, a controversial hormone used to increase milk production in the cows.

For my first venture into the Greek yogurt realm, I chose Chobani’s strawberry and banana yogurt.  I did see many reviews saying that Chobani tends to be more on the sour side, but I found that not to be true.  Though not overly sweet, I found it quite smooth, flavorful and satisfying.  The only thing I would put in the minus column would be I would have liked more fruit.  That is an issue I can easily address by adding my own fruit next time.

Each 5 oz cup contains 150 calories with only 25 from fat.  For me, that’s a plus.  Also the 11 grams of protein cannot be overlooked in a healthy diet.

I picked up a box of portable yogurt tubes to through in my lunch bag for work as well.  Ok, it says ‘kids’ on the box, but really, what difference does it make.  These yogurt tubes contain 5 grams of protein and only 50 calories.  They will make a quick, easy and healthy alternative to raiding the vending machine for a snack at work.

I was able to find the kids yogurt tubs for about $3 for a box of eight and the single serving cups were around  $1.25.  Of course the prices will vary depending on the retailer, but it still viable even on my budget. With no preservatives, no artificial flavors and being Gluten-free, it all adds up to a great choice to add to your refrigerator.

One thing I might add to wrap this up. Chobani is more than a company that has a commitment to healthy food.  Chobani has gone the extra mile and has made a commitment to to give 10% of their profits to charity and they have a history of investing in their hometowns in New York and Idaho.

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