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Being thankful for the blessings God gives me

Thanksgiving Day. A day of parades, football, turkey and pumpkin pie. A day where many of us stop our normal busy and hectic lives to spend time with family and friends. Not that every day shouldn’t be a day where we are thankful for what and who we have in our lives, but today is... Read more »

Dignity after Death; A legal lesson we can learn from the passing of Jennifer Gable

There are times that come along that we are forced to face issues of our own mortality and consider what might or should happen after we pass. Will we be respected?  Will we be treated with dignity? When the news came through social media that Jennifer Gable, age 32, had passed away, it left many... Read more »

Eating Healthy: Dressing up the Salad

I have said before and I will say it again, I am a meat lover. Salads to me are a side dish most of the time and to be perfectly honest, they are almost an after thought.  I know full well that getting the proper amount of veggies every day is good for our health,... Read more »

Eating Healthy: Sausage by Amylou

I have said it before and I will say it again, I am a meat and potatoes kind of girl.  Give me cow.  Give me pig.  Give me chicken.  I love meat. I will take steaks, chops, and nearly any other cut of meat.  When looking for quick meal ideas at the grocery store, I... Read more »

Eating Healthy: Kashi Organic Promise

The only time I ever really sit down and eat a good breakfast are on my days off. I want to eat a hearty meal to keep me from picking too much throughout the day.  If I don’t have the energy to make pancakes with bacon and hashbrowns, I will usually have a bowl cereal... Read more »

Eating Healthy: 4 necessities for healthy family cooking

The incomparable Tara Scalzo from Red & Company and Lotus Blu Mama steps up tot the plate today to share a few of her ideas and very helpful tips she has found to eating healthy.  Tara is the master of ceremonies in her own three ring circus when it comes to juggling her family and... Read more »

A Blogger's Life: Believing

I believe in a lot of things. I believe in warm hugs – yes Olaf and I would get along just fine. I believe a child’s laugh can chase away the clouds on the gloomiest days. I believe the right bar of music can be so in tune with your innermost being that your body can’t... Read more »

Eating Healthy: 5 Reasons to Go Eat a LARABAR

Joining the ranks of the fabulous guest bloggers, today I bring you Alisa Jordan. Alisa is a 30-something who has lived in Baltimore, Boston, London, and now Chicago with a passion for travel. She writes the blog No Bags To Check – part travelogue and part not-so-inner monologue. When she’s not racking up frequent flier... Read more »

Eating Healthy: Long live King Arthur Flour

I am always looking for quick meal ideas.  Breakfast is no exception.  As much as I want to sit down to a big plate of pancakes, bacon and a pile of hash browns, that just isn’t a reality most days.  After hitting the snooze button a few too many times, I am left with only... Read more »

Eating Healthy: Nabisco's Rice Thins make the grade

Early on in this endeavor to eat healthy, I tried a gluten free product by Nabisco.  It was their Original Rice Thins.  To be perfectly honest, I hated them.  Sorry for the bad news Nabisco, but that’s the truth. The original flavor Rice Thins actually had none, flavor that is.  If you remember the bland... Read more »