Transgender Day of Visibility - Bridging the gap

The Omaha Sun Times and the Huffington Post ran a story this weekend that caused me to pause.  It was titled “5 Places Trans People Exist”.  In a world that tells us that we should not exist, I was shocked and thrilled that a mainstream media outlet from the Heartland would run a story on transgender visibility.  But I was also left horribly disappointed.

I can not deny that there are many strides being made for transgender individuals in the way of social media, entertainment, sports and in the fashion world.  And I will absolutely not deny that there are way too many trans individuals that find themselves on the streets.  But there are just so many more examples that helps represent the trans community as a whole.

We are in schools as teachers and as students.  We are firefighters and police officers.  We are doctors and nurses.  We work at the gym and at your local big box retail store. You will find many of us in synagogues, cathedrals, mosques and churches across the country and around the world.  We live and work in nearly every facet of life.

As more stories about transgender individuals and the triumphs and struggles we go through hit main stream media and the web, the cis-community is becoming more aware of people they knew very little about.  The trans community could continue to live in the shadows, but more and more individuals are speaking up.  More and more, the cis-community is opening their eyes to a community they thought was very separate from their own.

These stories, the people behind them and many more that don’t make the news but are making headway everyday for the trans community are the ones that are the bridge builders.  They are the ones that laying a foundation for all that come behind us.

Bridges are not built under the cover of darkness.  Bridges are built in the light.  Being in the light means being visible.

God has called me, as a follower of Christ, to be His representative.  So in the same manner I must be a representative for the trans community. It is my responsibility, whether it is in my writing, public appearances, in the work place or within the church body, to stand up and be a honest and positive representative for my community.  It is my responsibility to be a visible bridge builder.

I have talked about this many times lately. If things are going to continue to change and if we are going to bridge the gap between the trans and cis community, both sides must make the effort to build towards each other.  We all can be bridge builders.

In an effort to bring more awareness to Transgender Day of Visibility, I have asked two others to join me and share their thoughts.

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