Strangers to friends through laughter and tears - the road to Listen to Your Mother continues on

Strangers to friends through laughter and tears - the road to Listen to Your Mother continues on

Sometimes we think that if you put fifteen writers together in one room, all sharing their work, egos would hang like a stench over the conversation.  But when it comes to the group I hung out with last weekend, a group of women from all walks of life, that couldn’t have been further from the truth.

Listen to your Mother  2014 Chicago castOn a cold March Sunday, the fifteen women that form the Chicago cast of Listen To Your Mother gathered for our first meeting and rehearsal.  There were a few familiar faces for some of us, but as we shared our stories and posed for photographs, people who were strangers just minutes before, now were on the road to friendships we might not have had outside of LTYM.

In the weeks before our first meet, many us have friended and followed each other via various social media platforms.  We have found other cast members in our own backyards and common threads that we share. All this helped to build a foundation to the friendships we began to form in just a few short hours on the West side of Chicago.

This year’s cast embodies humility, honesty and true vulnerability.  Each woman that has opened up to share her story hasn’t just written her story with a pen or typed it out on a keyboard.

From what life has thrown our way, these stories have been written by tears of joy and by sadness.  The words are breathed from our hearts.  The stories are as unique as each of the women who have experienced them, yet the emotions that run through the stories are felt on a universal level no matter where life has taken you.

2014-03-20_0009 I give tons of credit to our producers, Tracey Becker and Melisa Wells. I can not fathom what could have been a mind numbing task of reading and sorting through hundreds of essays to narrow down the list to just this group of unique and stirring experiences. After only the first read through last Sunday, the warmth we felt was in stark contrast to the bitter cold outside.


I would encourage you to get your tickets and come hear these remarkable women and the snippets of life that we will share. I am telling you the truth. If you are not moved by what you hear, put two fingers to your neck and check for a pulse. I promise you will laugh and cry . . . sometimes even at the same time.

If you are looking for tickets you can order them here.

If you are amazed, like we are, with the photography – Brandi Lee of Balee Images would love to hear from you.


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