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Justin Bieber under arrest - Questions every parent should be asking

Once again we are waking up to the news of a child star that has fallen so far to be under arrest.  For a DUI and drag racing, news reports are now saying that Justin Bieber sits in custody in a Florida jail.  We have watched his repeated antics for some time now and it... Read more »

A Child's Fear

All through my life I have loved telling stories.  Whether it was my active imagination as a small child or writing potential screen plays for Hollywood, I have always found telling stories a great diversion to life. For a short time during my high school years, that diversion took the form of poetry.  As a... Read more »

Wishing the best for all the crazy drivers of Chicago

Why is it that anytime the snow falls and the ice builds up on the roads there are those individuals out there that just can’t seem to drive in a civilized manor?  Is getting to your destination that important?   Or are you just that careless in all areas of your life? These drivers try our... Read more »