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A Dream Comes True; The day my world changed

A Dream Comes True; The day my world changed
Ever have a day that when you are living the moment, the day just seems surreal? So weird and odd and strange and exciting all at the same time?  A day that lives on in your mind so vividly that it seems as if it was only yesterday?  That was my day three years ago.... Read more »

Trans Girl; My top five Most Talked about posts of the First Year

This first year of writing Trans Girl at the Cross has been enlighten for me.  Not only opening myself up in a way I never in a million years thought I would ever do, but I have had the opportunity to start conversations with people from all over the world wide web.  In the beginning,... Read more »

Trans Girl; My top five favorite posts

In June of last year, I was encouraged by a friend to do a blog from my point of view – being a transgender woman and being Christian.  I thought about it for awhile and finally bit the bullet and submitted a request to ChicagoNow.  As Jimmy Greenfield, community manager for ChicagoNow, told me in... Read more »

Penis and Vagina; Being comfortable talking about your own body

Willy, wang, weiner, peter, pecker, love muscle, johnson, skin flute (take deep breath) one eyed wonder, dolphin, package, member, shaft, tool and schlong; All playful names for part of the male anatomy, the penis.  Forgive me but I won’t even start with all the names, some playful and some just down right disgusting, that people... Read more »